Best Selling Healthy Snacks of 2017

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Best Selling Healthy Vending Snacks

Best Selling Healthy Vending Snacks

The year is wrapping up so it’s a perfect time to highlight some of the best selling healthy vending snacks of 2017. To gather this information, we ran reports for all of our Grow Healthy Vending machines across the country. Below is a list of the best-selling snacks of this past year, and a glimpse into the predicted 2018 trends for next year!

It was a tie! The two most popular brands of healthy vending chips in our Grow Healthy Vending machines this past year were Pop Chips & Kettle Chips. Customers that are looking for a lighter, air-popped feel are drawn to the Pop Chips. While customers that were looking for a more traditional chip with a healthier twist were drawn to the Kettle Chips.

There was a clear winner in this category – Popcorn Indiana Kettle Corn. This kettle corn has a summertime, boardwalk popped flavor that is delicious! There is a very nice mix of sweet and salty but if you’re looking for something cheesy or something spicy, they have those too!

Cookies & Crackers:
Instead of highlighting just one product in this category – there is a whole brand to mention! Back to Nature has a huge range of products, three of which we love in our healthy vending machines – Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Honey Graham Sticks and Crispy Cheddar Crackers. These three snacks are re-makes of the traditional snacks that you love. We won’t name any names, but those snacks of the past weren’t the best choice for your health. Now you can feel good about indulging with Back to Nature!

We’ll split this category up into two sections – kid’s bars and adult bars. The winner in the kid’s category was Clif Zbar. These delicious, kid-sized versions of their adult counterparts are great for a snack while out on the run. They come in delicious flavors like chocolate brownie and honey graham and since they are organic and whole-grain, you can feel great about giving them to your kids.

The most popular adult bar brand was Kashi. Their chewy granola bars are the perfect afternoon snack to hold you over until dinner and they come in a ton of delicious flavors! Our staff favorite is the Cherry Dark Chocolate.

Our top-selling drink brand was Hansen’s. Hansen’s sodas are the perfect, refreshing treat! They come in diet and cane sugar and are derived from fruits and spices grown around the world. They use cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup and Splenda zero calorie sweetener to sweeten their diet varieties.

Predictions for 2016:
After searching the web, we have narrowed down some predictions for the upcoming year. Make sure you’re stocking these in your Grow Healthy Vending machine so that you’re ahead of the trend!

It seems that the market should sway in a savory direction. With all of the new information we have about the dangers of consuming too much sugar, it seems that those extra sugary snacks are drifting out of popularity.
Fermented foods are also expected to be popular this year. So anything from pickles to pickle chips to dill flavored potato chips (like these Kettle Chips.

This next one is not a specific flavor or brand, but rather a movement. “Free from” foods are expected to gain popularity as people are looking to shift away from artificial and added ingredients. So look for anything that is free from artificial ingredients and added sweeteners.

Lastly, grab-and-go snacks will still be popular next year, specifically bars and jerky. Look for jerky flavors to get even more interesting in the upcoming year!

Best Selling Healthy Snacks of 2017
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Best Selling Healthy Snacks of 2017
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