Check Those Nutrition Facts!

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One of the best parts of the healthy vending business is being able to offer more nutritious options to everyone and we love showing off those nutritional numbers! How do we do it? By making sure our Grow Healthy Vending machines are equipped with Airvend, of course! This allows for everyone to view and check those nutrition facts before purchasing a snack.

Remote Monitoring
Airvend is Grow Healthy Vending’s state of the art, cashless vending technology that allows you to stay on top of the inventory of your machines! You will be able to avoid low inventory in machines and ultimately unhappy customers. And even better, you will be able to track best-selling and low-selling products to ensure you are offering the most profitable product mix.

Already Familiar
Airvend personalizes the vending experience while utilizing the intuitive “Touch & Swipe” user interface already familiar to millions of people using smart phones and other touch screen devices every day. That way, your customers can gain rich information and interactive services without the hassle of a new learning curve.

Airvend accepts payment in debit & credit card form as well as mobile wallet. It collects real-time point-of-sale information and delivers the data wirelessly to our tracking system. A customer at your Grow Healthy Vending machine will be able to review the nutrition facts label and the ingredients list on your Airvend unit prior to purchasing an item.
Ultimately, Airvend is one of the best devices on the market that will allow you to remotely manage your route while still providing nutritional and ingredient information to your customers. Here at Grow Healthy Vending, we know that cashless payments will be the way of the future so we are proud to have partnered with Airvend to provide their top of the line devices.