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Kelly and her husband Bret live in Dublin, CA and own and operate 11 Grow Machines in the Acalanes School district. Kelly is a great example of a healthy vending operator who has been empowered to run her business successfully by combining two main factors; Quality of equipment and superior locations as they are the two building blocks that are critical to success in the healthy vending industry. We are proud to partner together to continue our mission of fighting childhood obesity by placing machines in schools throughout North America such as the Acalanes School District.” Here are Kelly’s candid responses to the who, what, when, why and where of running a successful healthy vending business.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and how you decided to become a Grow Healthy Vending Operator.

A: Bret works as a Diagnostic Imaging Technologist for a local hospital and I work part time as a Dental Hygienist. I had been looking for a way to bring in extra income for our family that would not require me to go back to school. So I began to look at investment ideas and different business that could work well for our family. I wanted something we could do as a team. I came across the idea of healthy vending in an investment article. I got curious and started to do some investigating for fun. I had never thought of vending as a business or at least a business that was for me. I actually had only associated vending with junk food, soda, candy and cheap little toys that my kids constantly beg me for every time I pass by a vending machine.

Q: What was it about healthy vending that peaked your interest?

A: As I started to do some reading I came across the idea of healthy vending. I loved the idea! I would be so excited if I could walk up to a healthy vending machine and get a healthy snack. I had first written it off because I had read that there was no money in healthy vending, but then started talking to others in the business. A few months later my husband and I felt that we had enough information that we were willing to take on the investment risk to start our own business.

Q: Tell us about your relationship with Grow Healthy Vending?

A: I was drawn to Grow Healthy Vending because they were very supportive throughout the process and helped us navigate this new adventure with ease. The machines are beautiful and have the latest technology. We loved how Grow Healthy Vending is not a franchise. We wanted our own business without franchise fees and rules. Now 8 months later we have 11 Grow machines. All of our machines are located in a nearby school district. The Locations Team did a great job with our location procurement process and Grow Healthy Vending has been so fantastic and supportive throughout!

Q: How is your healthy vending business performing?

A: Now between our jobs, family and our healthy vending business we are extremely busy. Our business is new and thriving. We are busier than expected and our machines our producing better than we had hoped for. We plan on continuing to grow as well as hiring an employee to help us. We love our healthy vending business and are very happy we made this decision.

Q: What would you say to someone contemplating becoming a Grow Healthy Vending operator?

A: If you are contemplating a business in the healthy vending arena then Grow Healthy Vending is a fantastic choice. I did a lot of research and conducted my own due diligence and found Grow to have the highest machine quality, prices and fantastic training and great location procurement services. They really want you to be successful and do their best to help make your business start off strong

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