Are Braces Just Cosmetic?

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Many of people wish they had been born with a beautiful Hollywood smile full of straight even teeth, but the reality is most people are born with an uneven smile. Many people think orthodontics work is merely cosmetic, but that is far from the truth. Overcrowded teeth can be extremely difficult to clean, thus leading to gum disease. It also can be difficult to chew, and wonky teeth can even cause speech impediments. Many people choose to align their teeth with braces in Camden. Braces reposition crooked, uneven, and overcrowded teeth. They also can help improve overbites, under bites, and cross bites.

Considering braces in Camden?

In Camden, braces with brackets and wires are the traditional method used to realign teeth. But more and more people are seeking less painful and noticeable ways to straighten their teeth. Some dental clinics in Camden, such as Ace Dental, are offering alternative methods to traditional braces, such as tooth-coloured braces. While traditional braces feature metal brackets glued onto the teeth, with wire going through each bracket to slowly move the teeth into their new position, clear ceramic braces in Camden offer adult patients the freedom to continue their lives without feeling like they have a mouth full of metal.

Are there other options?

For many though, these tooth-coloured braces are still too noticeable. Another alternative to traditional braces is lingual braces. In Camden, these have become incredibly popular. Just like traditional braces, they have metal brackets glued to the teeth, but on the inner surfaces of the teeth. Another route could be something such as removable aligners, like Invisalign. Aligners give people the flexibility to take them out while they eat, or brush their teeth. They are very hard to see invisible as they are clear trays moulded to each specific patient’s smile.

Luckily, there are so many different ways to achieve a dream smile today, each varying in time-worn, and cost. No single solution is a one size fits all for all patients and their smiles. To figure out the most efficient and effective way to achieve a dream smile, patients should speak with a dental clinic that offers orthodontics and braces in Camden.

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