Beyond Tired: Signs Your Exhaustion Is More Serious Than You Think

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The fast-paced, 24/7 lifestyle has put people in a cycle of exhaustion. Everybody is tired with work demands, family responsibilities, and financial pressures. Technology, which is supposed to make things easier for people, seems to have backfired in some ways. Yes, you can now work remotely with a laptop and an internet connection, but that also means checking your email on a Sunday or just before you clock in at the office.

This nature of the modern life’s exhaustion is part of the reason people sometimes aren’t aware that their tiredness is more than just a case of manic Monday blues. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a debilitating problem that may be triggered by a viral infection, weak immune system or hormonal imbalance, is a bit tricky to differentiate from mere tiredness at the backdrop of the society that never sleeps.

If you do experience the following symptoms, it means your tiredness is actually more serious than what you might think.

You don’t feel refreshed after sleep

When you’re feeling “just” tired, an 8-hour sleep can do the trick in re-energizing you. A power nap even can bring you back to your normal, functioning mode. But when you have chronic fatigue, it feels like you just ran a marathon even after a whole night of sleep.

Experts say a lot of CFS patients exhibit brain-wave abnormalities in different stages of sleep, like time spent in REM, which suggests an explanation for the unrefreshing sleep. This takes a toll on your health, affecting your concentration and alertness. If you’ve been experiencing this for quite a while now, get professional chronic fatigue treatment in Scottsdale to find relief from this symptom.

Your body is so sore all over

woman feeling pain in her body

If you’ve been jumping from one client meeting to another or juggling house chores and work responsibilities, you’ll surely feel body pains at the end of the day. But if you’ve been feeling sore all over even without extreme body movements, then it might be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Body pains, headaches, sore throat and tender lymph nodes that don’t go away are signs of chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s believed that since CFS is closely linked to viral infections, people experience such body pains and flu-like symptoms. But there could be other causes, too. For instance, some people with CFS get sensitive to touch, heat, cold and light, in which contact can become painful.

You’re always confused

When you have tons to do at work or home, there’s a high chance that you’d forget some things. And that’s a sign of normal exhaustion. But in the case of CFS, cognitive impairment sometimes can get in the way of everyday routines.

Some patients, for instance, forget recent conversations or places where they keep things. Others also get lost in their own neighborhoods. They find themselves unable to say words or slurring in the process. Get professional help if you’ve been experiencing these.

It’s tricky to know whether you’re just straight out tired or already ill from chronic fatigue syndrome. But if you notice the signs mentioned, it’s time to visit your doctor for proper diagnosis.

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