Celebrity Healing Secrets: Alternative Methods That The Stars Love

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When it comes to medical treatment, celebrities have the clout and the resources to get the best medical treatment out there. But some of them choose to go the natural way. While it may seem strange to try non-scientific methods of treatment, there are some top celebrities out there swear by. They don’t distrust modern medicine, but rather these approaches are so effective. Here’s a look at some of the more popular choices.


For those dealing with various aches and pains, a natural way of pain management comes in the form of acupuncture. Several well-known celebrities like Elle Macpherson and Natalie Portman are big fans of this treatment method. Based on the idea that there are energy channels all over your body. These deliver the life force or chi of the body to the various sections of your body so that they can operate at their best. But there can sometimes be blockages in these channels. This is what expert acupuncturists handle. They do this by inserting long, thin needles in particular parts of the body. This is to disrupt and unblock these channels so that the chi flows more freely.

It sounds strange, but acupuncture has seen some solid results. Scientific studies have shown that it is effective in treating pain ranging from headaches to arthritis. It also helps with high blood pressure.


Celebrities love transcendental meditation because of the highly stressful life they lead. Work, public exposure, and more can take its toll on them. Many of them find various ways to cope and one of the safer and healthier choices is starting meditation. According to Nicole Kidman, she sets aside 20 minutes a day to practice this mental technique. While it sounds pretty simple, it can take some time for people to get into it. It involves emptying the mind of thoughts and getting into a mental headspace where the person meditating can calm themselves.

Meditating is an excellent method to lower the anxiety and stress levels that people find themselves at. It also allows people to have more focus and energy in the long run. The great thing about meditation is that there are several apps available to facilitate it. Just download them onto your smartphone to get started.


While it may sound like it is only for relaxation, massages can be useful in a variety of medical situations. Basic massages involve the manipulation of muscles and tissue so that they become more flexible and relaxed. They are very effective when it comes to tension. People tense up every day, and they don’t notice it. This can be bad for the body as the muscles are not designed for sustained use like that. This is where a good massage comes in. Deep-tissue massages reach the tense part of your muscles and allow them to loosen up. This is very effective in relieving the various issues in the body. This includes muscle pain, strain, and even joint problems. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West swear that this is the best way to relax from the body’s aches and pains.


essential oilsGwyneth Paltrow should be familiar to everyone. With her wellness brand becoming a popular source of wellness products, her ownership means she can push at several trends for adoption. But one close to her heart is aromatherapy. Scented candles and the like are favorites at the GOOP store.

The idea behind it is that smells can help improve a person’s mood and health. This is done through the use of the right essential oils that exude the right scent. Lavender is a very popular scent since it supposedly helps with sleep and relaxation. Besides being inhaled, essential oils can also be applied topically to have the same or even better effect.


With the legalization of marijuana in some states, legal weed has become a favorite of some celebrities who are willing to self-medicate. Medical marijuana has already proven that it is effective when it comes to helping with anxiety and depression. It can also help deal with chronic pain and high amounts of stress. Lady Gaga supposedly smokes some to handle the crushing pressure of celebrity and to help with inspiration.

Effective natural treatments are great alternatives to the usual medical approach. For those who are having a hard time getting results from standard doctors and consultations, maybe it is time for you to try some solutions that are off the beaten path. They might surprise you in how effective they are for your body.

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