Helping Your Partner Through Depression: What To Do

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Anyone can feel down on the dumps, especially with the current state of the world. But depression can become a persistent state, and that is bad for their mental health. If you notice that your partner seems like they have no energy or feel listless all the time, they may be suffering from chronic depression. It can greatly affect your relationship, so taking steps to help your partner deal with it is a good idea. Here are some things you can do to help.


Educate Yourself About Depression


The first step that you should take is to learn more about depression. There is a lot of misinformation floating around about depression. If your idea of the condition is based on what you see in Hollywood movies or hearsay, you likely have wrong information about it. The important thing to remember is that depression is not a constant stream of bad feelings. It is like the tides, where there are bad times and good times. Your partner may still be suffering from depression, even if they have a good time with you every once in a while. You need to learn the details about depression and the general signs of it. The most important details that you have to know about are the symptoms of depression. This allows you to better respond to their moods.


Stand By Their Side


Knowing more about depression is just one part of what you should be doing. The most important thing you can do is to support them. There are several things you can do to help them in this way. The most visible is the simple act of telling you to love them and are there for them. Many people suffering from depression are blind to the subtle signals of love that others show them. Verbalizing it and being open about it ensures that your partner knows of your support.


Additionally, you can do them little favors. Do some of their daily chores to help remove some pressure on them, or something similar can go a long way to ease the pressure of depression. Besides that, you should also not take things personally when it comes to them. A lot of depressed individuals often lash out in some way. Don’t mind these and remember their condition. Just give them space and your support.


Encourage Treatment


Besides your efforts, you should also encourage them to get treatment for their depression. While many of those who suffer from depression can go through life without treatment, their life is a lot better when they experienced some form of treatment. Fortunately, there are several options available to those who need it. One of these is therapy. Having regular sessions with a therapist can help curb the negative thought patterns caused by depression. Additionally, there are several types of therapy out there like CBT or couples therapy that can fit different needs. Other treatment options include medication and even hospitalization.


Never Blame Them


Another important thing that you have to remember is that you shouldn’t blame them. Many people make the mistake that a depressed person has complete control over their emotions. They then suggest that the depressed person “brighten up” or “toughen up” to get over their depression. While this would work with a person who is not suffering from depression, depressed people will only feel worse. You should be just supportive and give them space. You should use language that recognizes their negative feelings and say that you understand them. This can be a big help in getting them out of their funk.


Don’t Forget About Yourself


While depression is not contagious, you can easily be brought down by your partner is feeling. To protect yourself, you also need to acknowledge your emotional and mental health. You should take regular breaks and treat yourself occasionally. This ensures that you feel good about yourself and that you don’t feel down. You should also be aware of the stress that you are under. Try to change your circumstances so that you aren’t always under heavy pressure. In the long run, if you stay free of depression, you are in a better position to help your partner.


Fighting depression is a long-term battle. You can’t cure it in an instant. If you want to help your loved ones deal with their depression, you need to support them the entire way. You can be sure that they will appreciate the help, and your relationship will come out stronger from this challenge.

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