Kids’ Dental Hygiene Tips for First-time Moms

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Being a first-time mom can be an overwhelming experience. You may have some experience caring for your nieces and nephews. But being a mom yourself gives you full responsibility for your kid’s health and welfare. This includes taking care of their teeth.

Some mothers believe that they can delay their kid’s first dental clinic as long as they don’t find any teeth problems. But this is a common misconception first-time mothers should forget about. To help first-time moms like you take better care of your kid’s teeth, here are some dental tips worth knowing:

Start instilling good dental hygiene as early as possible

Even before your baby gets their first teeth, make sure to brush their gums regularly with a soft washcloth gently. This way, you’re already instilling in their young minds a routine they need to keep even as adults. Once their first tooth erupts, you can now start using a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste made especially for kids. You should also start flossing the in-betweens of their teeth. It is best that you wait until they are six before letting them floss on their own.

Get them ready for their first dental visit

As a general rule, you should already take your little one to a pediatric dentist in Riverton within six months after their first pearly white erupts. However, you should prepare your child before taking them to the clinic. This is to set realistic expectations and prevent them from fearing their dentist even before meeting them. Choose a good pediatric dentist and ask if you can pop by with your child for a sneak preview. This will make them comfortable with their surroundings even before their actual checkup.

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Encourage a healthy diet that’s good for their teeth

What your child eats can also affect their oral health. While you may already be aware that it is best to refrain from giving them sweets and chocolates, other food can cause dental issues. This includes soft bread and breadsticks, citrus fruit and juice, ice, and dried fruit. Avoid feeding your child with these; they can only lead to cavities.

Avoid feeding your child before bedtime

If your child is still drinking milk from a bottle, refrain from feeding them one filled with milk before bedtime. They may use a baby bottle as a sleep aid, but this can cause serious damage to their baby teeth. This is what we call baby bottle syndrome. To help your child avoid this, make sure to fill their bottle with water instead. Remove their bottle as soon as they stop sucking. Once they reach six months, it is best to start weaning them from baby bottle feeding and teach them to drink milk from a cup instead.

Encourage dry tooth brushing

You may be fond of brushing your teeth with toothpaste and by wetting your brush before brushing. But did you know that dry tooth brushing is a more effective way of cleaning your teeth? By brushing your teeth minus the water, you can actually see which areas you’ve effectively brushed. It also helps lessen plaque buildup. It is also best to simply let your child spit; they should not rinse as this can help reduce the risk of developing tooth decay.

It is easy to make mistakes, especially if this is your first time caring for a young child’s oral health. However, this is not enough reason to put your kid’s dental health at risk. Let this list be your guide in keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy. Don’t forget to work with your dentist for better oral health for your little ones.

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