Must-Haves for a Better Solo Living Experience

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Living alone has its perks and shortfalls. You get peace and quiet after a hard day’s work, but you are also more prone to feelings of isolation and loneliness. House rules are as strict and lax as you want it to be, but so will be the cleanliness of the space without any external factor for accountability. Freedom is both a blessing and a curse, dependent on the person’s perspective and actions in building the kind of life he or she wants. To increase their chances of surviving the trials and reaping the benefits, those who are flying solo should have the following items in their abode.


While tempting to shed all semblance of order at home, people living alone can improve their living situation by being more organized. A calendar can help remind you of important appointments and dates like a visit to your dentist for wisdom teeth removal or the due dates of your bills. But where the calendar shines are through scheduling chores, repairs, and other home maintenance activities. Writing these on your calendar can free your mind from thinking of the less glamorous part of living alone and just accomplish them when the time comes.

Rechargeable flashlight

One’s imagination can conjure a lot of creative interpretations of sounds and shadows while alone. The scare factor is amped up even more when the lights stop working due to weather interruptions and utility maintenance. Having a rechargeable flashlight by your bedside can give you a source of light when needed, especially during emergencies. You also don’t want to bump your head and slip because of a lack of night vision.


Being sick might be the hardest experience in your independent living journey. Unlike at home with family, there is no one to take care of your needs, such as bringing food to your bed and reminding you of drinking your medicine. You also have to be the one to secure supplies from the pharmacy since there’s no one else who will do that for you. Don’t add to your existing headache by already having a first-aid kit and a supply of medicine of common illnesses on hand.

Canned goods

There will be days that you will be lazy to cook or when delivery is not accessible. It is good to have a stash of non-perishable food like canned goods, jerky, and cup noodles for those instances. They can also serve as your emergency rations during storms, floods, and other natural disasters. The need to be prepared is even more vital when you don’t have a ready support system to help you immediately.


Learning simple fixes and do-it-yourself house improvements is an important life skill. Calling a professional will sometimes take time and come with a hefty price tag, so it’s better to DIY. Having a toolbox with a complete set of equipment will be handy when your sink suddenly leaks, window screens tear, or have low water pressure in the shower.


Working in bed

Indoor plants can change the ambiance of your space, improving air quality, and increasing humidity. They can lessen the harmful gases occurring in air-tight and small spaces in apartments. Tending to these plants can also help in improving one’s responsibility in taking care of a living creature aside from oneself.
Having the right tools and items can change how one’s solo living experience goes, as being prepared is the key. It is better to be overprepared than being stressed because you don’t have emergency mechanisms in place.

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