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For many of us, having teeth that are visibly misaligned, disjointed or missing entirely can be the cause of a great amount of stress and anxiety. Few people ever truly appreciate the value of having healthy, straight teeth until they have experienced what it is like to have teeth which are poorly aligned. Not only can this be the cause of problems on a  social basis, but it can also lead to a number of adverse health ramifications.

Thankfully, treatment for crooked teeth has never been easier, and – through the aid of the right dentist – it is possible to correct any misalignments within your jaw in such a way that the treatment has almost no visible impact on how patients look whilst being carried out. By opting for these newer, highly efficient cosmetic treatment options, patients can comfortably realign their smile without sacrificing how they look, which can have massively positive effects on their self-esteem and confidence.

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A clear decision

When people typically consider orthodontics, the majority of us envision classic, fused metallic ‘train-track’ braces. These are an effective way of correcting dental misalignment that has been used throughout the world since the early 1970s and work through the attachment of a series of brackets which are adhered to each individual tooth. Over time, these brackets are pulled together using a connecting metal wire, which applies pressure to the required teeth and shifts them gradually into place.

Conventional braces of this sort have been consistently used for many years due to their proven success rate, however the treatment is not regarded as having a positive impact on how it makes patients look. Nowadays, the issue of having clearly visible, metallic braces in our mouths is a thing of the past and patients are now able to discreetly realign their teeth – often through treatments which leave little to no impact on how their smiles look whilst undertaking them. By choosing cosmetic alternative brace treatments for crooked teeth – such as Six Month Smiles, patients can correct a number of cosmetic dental concerns through a treatment which is not only fast and effective, but also discreet.

What is the Six Month Smiles system

Typically, those who opt for traditional, metallic braces, have to have the brace fixed in place for the duration of treatment – which is usually around 12 months or so. However, as the name suggests, the Six Month Smiles dental system provides results in almost half this time – without the use of any metal. This is achieved through the creation of individually attached brackets which are constructed from a tooth-coloured dental plastic, which is far less visible within the patient’s mouth.

These brackets are connected with a clear plastic wire, rather than a conventional metallic one. As such the braces leave far less visible impact on the patient’s mouth, and are also generally considered to be far more comfortable than their metallic counterparts. Anyone who is looking to amend crooked or poorly aligned teeth, but wishes to do so in a fast and discreet fashion ought to arrange a consultation with their local dental care provider and see if the Six Month Smiles system could be the right decision to get them back on track to a brighter and healthier dental future.

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