Stay Independent in Your Senior Years

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Growing old doesn’t necessarily mean losing your independence. Whether you’re alone or living with your spouse, staying independent as long as possible is something to strive for. Small changes around the house, as well as modern devices and accessories, can make living independent a lot safer and easier.

Mobility Aids

As you grow old, you lose mobility. However, certain devices can improve your movement in varying degrees. Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs can help keep you mobile if your knees can’t stand the stress of walking for very long periods. You can use these mobility aids to move around the house, get some sun as you walk around the neighborhood, or take a short trip to the nearby grocery. If your knees aren’t banged-up pretty bad, then a walking frame, a safety walker, or just a simple cane can be enough to get you going.

Bathroom Rails

The bathroom is the most dangerous place for seniors. 80 percent of all accidents around the house involving seniors occur in the bathroom. Most of these accidents are slips and falls, and these accidents can be prevented by installing carefully placed safety rails and grab bars. Changing positions and elevation can be especially tough on the knees, so you should have safety rails and grab bars installed near or around the toilet.

Walk-in Bathtubs

One of the regular activities that seniors might find difficult is taking a bath. Water can be slippery, so taking a shower or a dip in the bathtub can be quite risky for seniors. Bathtubs can be difficult to use, especially for seniors with mobility issues. Getting in and out of a standard bathtub can be stressful to the knees and needs balance and coordination, making it very difficult. A walk-in bathtub eliminates the chances of slipping and allows seniors to enter and exit the tub with very little difficulty. Choose one that has doors that swing outward just to be extra safe.

Automated Pill Dispensers

Medicine tablets and capsulesOvermedication is one of the leading causes of poisoning in the U.S. For seniors, memory isn’t that reliable as it once was. Automated pill dispensers that have built-in alarms can remind seniors to take their pills and do away with confusion on whether or not they’ve already taken the pill. These devices are essential in reminding seniors to take their pills and preventing overmedication.

Medical Alert Systems

Being alone in the house is especially dangerous when accidents occur. Medical alert systems can alert a relative or the emergency services when the unforeseen happens. While designed for medical emergencies, these systems can be used in any emergency, including fires and burglaries. Most of these devices can even detect falls, alerting medical services automatically even if you are unable to do so.

In the end, living independently gives a certain degree of dignity, self-satisfaction, and fulfillment. However, safety and comfort should also be prioritized. Certain aids and devices can help you be independent and secure in your own home. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact your family or friends.

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