Teeth Whitening in Harley Street, why choose this treatment?

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What is it?

Stained teeth, whilst considered to be a cosmetic issue can have a long-lasting effect on an individual’s self-esteem and overall confidence. Drinks such as tea and coffee which are consumed regularly by many people can leave noticeable stains behind. Food, habits such as smoking, all these seemingly harmless necessities and habits can have a detrimental effect on the enamel of the teeth. Therefore, in a world where appearances matter, methods to brighten and restore the natural colouring of teeth are sought after. This is where Teeth Whitening in Harley Street comes in.

What are the tooth whitening options?

There are different types of whitening including in house treatments at the dental practice and at-home treatments.

In-house treatments include zoom whitening which is carried out in the dental chair. The patient’s gums and lips are covered by a protective barrier whilst a gel is placed in the teeth. Once the gel is applied, a lamp will be used to activate the bleaching process. Carried out in slots of approximately one to two hours the results are noticeably brighter immediately which can be suited to those after a quick, brightening solution.

For patients that prefer an at-home treatment and do not mind a more gradual approach to cleaning up and enhancing their smile. This option uses custom made plastic retainers and a whitening gel. The gel is worn overnight or for a few hours during the day, this is down to the patient’s preference. After following this plan consistently, results can be seen within two weeks.

whitening procedure

Alternatively, some patients prefer to use a combination of in house and at-home treatments. This enables patients to see immediate results after the in house treatment which is then further enhanced in the upcoming weeks at home.

Another popular combination treatment is the Enlighten treatment. Once again an at-home treatment using a special paste known as Evo-white is used for approximately two weeks followed by a one-hour dental visit. This particular treatment uses an increase in oxygen to disperse the stained molecules.

Which treatment option is best?

When discussing treatments there are no ‘best options’ as this is purely dependent on the individual’s preferences. If the patient wants to take a fast approach to Teeth Whitening, where results are seen almost immediately due to the intense treatment taken in house. This method therefore would suit patients who are in need of prompt results for reasons such as before a special occasion. For those who may be of a nervous disposition towards the Dentist and dental practice, at home treatments would most likely be the preferred option.

Whilst all options are effective it is necessary that all patients discuss their options and preferences with their dental team to ensure that they use the most effective method to suit their personal circumstances.

As with all treatments and procedures, there are potential risks and therefore all patients are advised to seek further information about any mentioned in this article with their local dental practice.

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