What are dental implants?

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Dental Implants Hertfordshire can support patients who have missing teeth. Missing teeth can cause issues for patients who do have gaps in their smile so it is in the best interest of patients with gaps in their teeth to fix the smile that they have.This treatment is designed for those who are wishing to complete their smile once more. Patients who opt in for this treatment can be assured that they will be provided with the highest standard of care to ensure that they can achieve their smile goals.

This treatment can be used as an easy substitute for a natural root and can allow patients to improve the appearance of their smile. The end result of the treatment allows patients to have teeth that look, act and feel like the one that patients initially lost.The shape of an implant has evolved over time to allow the implant to best fit into the gums of the patients who wish to complete their smile again. The shape of the implant is usually either a screw or cylinder shaped. This article will run through how this treatment works as well as who could benefit from it.

How do dental implants work?

If a patient chooses to have dental implants Hertfordshire fitted, then they will be fitted with their new implants in a very specific manner. Once it is determined where the implant will be fitted they are fitted directly into the socket that the missing tooth left behind. The implant can be either screwed into position or tapped into place depending on which fitting mechanism it has.


The implant will make contact with the bone and this is important as they will begin to fuse together. This fuse will continue to grow over time and this will allow the implant to have stability. The implant can then be used as a stable foundation on which to build a crown, denture or bridge. The next section of this article will discuss who is an ideal candidate for this treatment as well what potential patients should do next if they do decide that this treatment could be the one for them.

Am I an ideal candidate for this treatment?

As long as the patient looking for access to this treatment has healthy gums and enough bone for the implant to fuse to then they are sure to be an ideal candidate for this treatment. Patients who are looking to have this treatment fitted should arrange a consultation to determine if their gums and bone density are in good enough condition to support the new set of teeth.

Patients should ring the practice at their earliest convenience to put in place their consultation. Patients can work with their dentist to ensure that they are receiving the treatment that is the right one for their smile. If a patient cannot have this treatment their dentist will work with them to determine what other treatments could help them get their smile in better condition. Patients could also have a look at the website to read about this treatment in more detail, and they could also have a look at the other treatments that patients could benefit from at this practice.

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