What to Expect During an MRI

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Part of caring for your health involves getting the right types of scanning to identify potential or existing problems. Getting a private health scan done like an MRI can be a good idea if your doctor recommends it based on your symptoms or problems. According to the video “How Does an MRI Machine Work?”, an MRI machine is medical equipment that uses radiation to examine soft tissues within the human body.

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If you’ve ever had an X-Ray or a CAT scan, it might feel familiar.

Before you can get an MRI, your medical healthcare provider will need to make a referral for you to get one. Then, they’ll ask pre-screening questions such as whether you have metal in your body and whether you’re claustrophobic. Some MRI machines may be constructed as enclosed tight spaces, so it’s important to be honest with your provider about whether that type of space would give you anxiety.

Once you’ve completed a pre-screening questionnaire, you’ll schedule an MRI. Some MRIs have “contrast,” which is a fluid that allows the medical providers to get clearer imaging of certain parts of the body. If that’s the case, they’ll let you know that you should expect to drink the liquid or get an IV. Ask your doctor if you have questions before, during, or after the MRI.

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