A summary of the Invisalign treatment

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Invisalign Weybridge involves the use of clear aligners that function in the same way as metal braces. This treatment is one of the most popular alternatives and leads to great results. The aligner is manufactured in a way that it fits an individual’s mouth structure well; this allows the patient to feel more comfortable when wearing it. The aligner is made from plastic therefore it sits on the teeth with a smooth application. Some individuals prefer not to have a metal wire attached to their teeth due to comfort reasons and opt for clear aligners as they are smooth and hardly noticeable.

There are fewer changes required when using clear braces in comparison to metal braces. A new set of trays will be given every two weeks, and, with each tray, there will be a gradual movement of the teeth until it is in the desired position. The full treatment duration can take around 12-18 months; however, in some cases, results can be seen in just a few weeks or months.

Who are suitable patients for clear aligners?

To be eligible for this treatment, the patient must be 13 or older. It is suitable for those who are willing to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day. The patient has to also be committed to changing their aligners every 2 weeks. Though there is more effort required on the patient’s part for this orthodontic treatment, the results are permanent just like metal braces.

Some individuals may also prefer the treatment to be discrete. This makes clear aligners the right option as the patient can receive the treatment without having others know about it.


What else can clear aligners do?

Clear aligners not only straighten teeth but also treat other dental problems an individual may be facing. These aligners can help fix crowded teeth, gaps, overbites, crossbites and underbites. However, with much more severe and complex dental issues, it is advised to opt for metal braces.

What are the pros of receiving clear aligners?

Many advantages come with undergoing this orthodontic process. A major benefit is that an individual can see their teeth journey from the beginning of the treatment to the end. This can be demonstrated through 3D digital technology, giving the patient an idea of what the results will look like. It will allow the patient to consider the outcomes and come to a conclusion as to whether they would like to.

Another advantage of using clear braces is that it removes attention away from the mouth. Some patients may have mild concerns that metal braces may be aesthetically distracting. However, clear braces are close to invisible; therefore, people will not recognise that the patient is enduring treatment. It also comes into benefit for those in professional occupations who do not wish to be associated with braces. However, this treatment is not limited to teenagers. In some cases, individuals who are in school may have social anxiety to wear traditional metal braces. However, clear aligners can go completely unnoticed due to the transparent form of the aligner.

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