Beauty Treatments: Which Do Celebs Use that You Can Try?

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Celebrities are often praised for their good looks, which they can maintain and curate with a variety of beauty treatments. There is a perception that this same care is not accessible to everyday living for people outside of show business because of costs and resources. Most magazines and other media present extreme treatments that you need to fly out for and spend a lot on.

However, there are a lot of tried-and-tested treatments that can do wonders without breaking the bank (and countless stars have made use of them) that ordinary people can use. Here are some you can try out for your beauty routine:

  • Getting a Vitamin Drip

Finding a reputable place that offers IV therapy is not hard anymore, with a lot of clinics catering to the market for beauty treatments. The benefit of going this route is that IV therapy puts necessary vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream, rejuvenating you from within. The way it helps your skin glow and become healthier is by targeting your health internally, working as a direct form of supplementation that gives your body the nutrients it needs to function better.

There are different types of IV drips that are offered, each with a specific function to cater to different health, wellness, and beauty needs. The most beneficial for skincare and aesthetic improvement is by opting for mixes that detoxify, hydrate, and boost skin-related nutrient production. Some nutrients found in them are vitamin B and C, zinc, amino acids, magnesium, and more.

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  • Using Face Sheet Masks

Originally gaining popularity in Korea and Japan, sheet masks have since permeated the global beauty scene by way of major celebrities and influencers posting themselves using sheet masks to relax and improve their skin right before major events. Sheet masks are dipped in serum and are a great way to hydrate the skin effectively. Though there are a vast number of variations available, most of the ones you’ll see are antioxidants and hyaluronic, particularly because these carry some of the most sought-after benefits in skincare as a whole.

Face sheet masks are a great option if you need to see the brightening and hydrating effects quickly, which is likely why so many celebs have it in their pre-event regiment. Otherwise, you may want to pair it up with other skincare practices for regular use, especially if you don’t plan on using one every day.

  • Going under LED Light Treatment

This treatment is arguably one of the safer options on the spectrum of light treatments since it doesn’t use ultraviolet rays. Though it was initially developed for the navy to treat wounds and help regenerate damaged muscles and tissues, it was eventually co-opted by the beauty industry because of its effects on the skin.

Using different frequencies of light, this treatment is meant to target age spots, wrinkles, acne, inflammation, and scarring.

When finding the right treatment, you should be looking at a good mix of reputability, reliability, and affordability. You don’t want to sacrifice any of these factors for another, and there are places where you can treat your skin like the celebs do safely.

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