Keeping Yourself Busy While Isolating Due to Covid-19

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So there you are, isolating yourself as you recover from coronavirus. The quarantine period has given you so much free time that you are starting to get bored in the four corners of your room.

Why don’t you use this free time to do something productive? Or to learn something new? After all, it’s allowing you to do things you never had the chance to do before because of your busy schedule. If you have always wanted to start a hobby, now is the opportunity.

So, here are some ideas to keep yourself active, productive, and happy while you are in quarantine.

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Things to Do During Quarantine

You don’t have to let yourself die in boredom just because of isolation. You’ll be out in the free world soon, but you can take this chance to do something productive while you have so much time in your hands.

Finish a Book

Get yourself a good book and make it your goal to finish it before your quarantine period ends. You’ll be surprised how fulfilling it is to finish a book and how the characters in it affect your life for a short period. Ask recommendations from your bookworm friends or find something related to your interests.

For example, if you have always been fascinated by Greek mythology, you can read “The Song of Achilles,” “The Odyssey Homer,” or “Tales from Ovid.” You don’t have to worry about not owning any of these books because you can buy yourself some from Amazon or any online shopping platform.

Watch a Series on Netflix

If reading a book is never your thing, fret not because Netflix can save the day! Look for the most-watched documentary series and start binge-watching with popcorn and soda. But beware because this activity can be a trap. If you get too hooked on a good series, you might end up in front of the screen for an entire day without any physical activities.

Set a time limit before you start watching a series so you can eat on time and exercise in between. Remember that you are still recovering from a virus, so keeping yourself healthy is the number one priority.

Start Crafting

Crafting is probably one of the most fun and productive activities that will keep you busy. Depending on your interests, you can buy craft kits for adults monthly to create scrapbooks and accessories. Paper kits are also great as they can help explore your creativity, allowing you to try new techniques to build paper projects regardless of your skill levels.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner. There are many tutorial videos on YouTube to help you get fresh crafting ideas. Who knows, this could be a potential business to help you earn more.

Enroll in an Online Course

Enrolling in a course and completing the exams and assignments can help you boost your knowledge, which is good for your CV. Many universities offer free foundation-level courses for people who want to learn more about law, politics, history, and art. Depending on your interest, you can enroll in a wide range of courses online, so you won’t feel bored while in quarantine. It’s an excellent activity that will broaden your knowledge in a short period.

Learn a New Skill

You can also use this opportunity to learn new skills. If you live alone, you can learn plenty of skills as you are free to roam around the house. Learn the rules of chess, how to bake, repaint your old room, or create a DIY minibar.

There are literally thousands of things you can do to improve your skills and learn further. Doing so is also a great way to keep yourself entertained as you learn new things.


Isolation can affect your mental health, so it’s important to learn to be mindful of your surroundings. And the best way to do so is through meditation. Find a quiet place in your home, light some candles, and clear your mind of all the negative things that bother you. If possible, play some therapeutic music to calm yourself as you meditate.

Meditation is a great activity to relieve stress and boost your overall well-being. So start doing it now.

These are just some of the many activities you can do while quarantined. But keep in mind that aside from fighting boredom, the best thing to do is stay healthy, physically and mentally. Do not forget to exercise and eat healthy meals. It would also be helpful to stay in touch with your family and friends. Keep yourself informed by watching the news on TV or staying updated on social media.

By doing these things, your journey to recovery from Covid-19 will not be as boring as you thought it would be.

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