Choosing Low-Phosphorus Food for Your Dog

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Some dog owners take their dog’s diet for granted. They don’t realize that what you feed your dog plays a huge role in their overall health. They just feed their dogs whatever, without considering the health benefits of the food, much less how they could be detrimental to their dog’s health. When purchasing dog food, it pays to find a low-phosphorous variety.

Opting for low-phosphorus dog food can do wonders for your furry friend’s health. Dogs with renal or kidney problems especially need this. Just like people, canine companions are at risk of developing kidney diseases.

What is phosphorus and how vital it is?

Phosphorus is a natural mineral found in many foods, and it is essential to include in your pet’s diet so he or she can maintain a healthy metabolism. Phosphorus removes toxins from a dog’s bloodstream. However, if your pet is suffering from common dog health issues, such as kidney disease or chronic renal failure, limiting your furry friend’s phosphorus intake is critical to help improve their recovery. Your vet may also recommend a low-phosphorus food, even when your pet is completely healthy, to prevent kidney problems.

What does a low-phosphorus pet food mean?

This is a type of prescription dog food formulated with low phosphorus content but still provides other essential nutrients and minerals. Pets with medical conditions need to have carefully crafted diet plans, like restricting phosphorus, to ensure great prognoses.

What are the visible signs and symptoms of kidney disease in dogs?

As your dog gets older, the risk of developing kidney problems and chronic renal failure also increases. You might notice that your dog gets thirstier and relieves more often than usual. Your pet might also “accidentally” relieve himself or herself inside the house, especially at night. Other physical signs include weight loss, decreased appetite, lethargy, and depression. A regular visit to your vet and early detection can help manage or even reverse acute illnesses.

When do you start putting your dog on a low-phosphorus diet?

Dog playing on the grassChanging your pet’s diet may affect his or her overall well-being, so it is best to speak with your vet first. Canine companions need a significant amount of phosphorus in their diet to stay healthy, so work with your vet when choosing the best low-phosphorus food for your dog. Also keep in mind that when you are changing your dog’s diet, you should do it gradually for a period of time. You cannot abruptly change your pet’s food; allow him or her to get accustomed to the new food slowly.

Where can you buy low-phosphorus pet food?

Holistic dog foods low in phosphorus are commercially available. You can easily find one in local pet stores and at online shops.

The importance of providing your dog with high-quality food and considering his or her special dietary needs cannot be stressed enough. Feeding your furry friend the right food does not only mean slowing down the progression of illnesses but also adding more years to his or her life. Know when you should start giving your pet low-phosphorus food and which brands to consider for your dog’s condition by consulting your vet.

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