Occupational Therapy in Children: How Can Parents Help?

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Both physical and occupational therapists from organizations like FUNctionabilities play a crucial role in helping children with autism develop motor and social skills. Although a combined effort from both professionals can help these kids gain new skills, it will not do any changes unless they join and take part in the activities.

And as their parents, it is you who can encourage these kids to take part in these daily activities, which can give them the best chance to reach their potential and become independent adults. So, what should you do?

Review the rules of each activity

Ask the therapists about the rules and regulations, and then discuss these with your child. Doing so will help your kid understand the schedule and routines that he or she needs to participate in. It will also help your little one have a general idea on how each activity or therapy session works.

Know what motivates your child

It is essential to know what motivates your child to join a challenging activity. For most children, play can get them in the mood. Occupational therapists use this time to assess as well as provide treatment for kids. Consider your kid’s priorities as well as his or her motivator. Doing so will give your child the support that he or she needs.

Learn to accommodate your child’s needs

Father helping son writing

There are special children who have difficulty in handwriting. If your child is one of them, it is best to try to accommodate this need. You can try using paper sheets that have spaced lines to allow them to write bigger letters. You can also encourage them to use a computer. Although it may be difficult at first, it is essential to let your child become comfortable with using it. Typing can reduce the stress required in handwriting.

Expose your child to new things

You should prepare your child for new activities daily. You can also try to talk to them about setting up rules and a few routines so that they can prepare. Introducing them to new activities will also let them focus on a few motor aspects. One idea is to let them go to playgrounds every day.

Create a routine

Sticking to a routine will make it easier for your child to adjust. You can establish a schedule in the morning as well as set the time for doing their homework. Using illustrations or drawings that explain each routine can also help.

Ask for more time

You should also discuss whether you and your child could have extra time to complete projects. If they do not agree, then ask them if they are willing to accept a less presentable project.

Taking care of your child’s special needs is a great way to help them as they go through occupational therapy. You should always be there to support them in every step of the way to ensure their development. Choose a pediatric therapist who has highly trained staff to help you with your child’s growth and development.

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