Could a Dentist Navan be the solution to your smile worries?

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Take care of your smile

In trying times, one of the greatest tools which we each possess is our smiles. We all have the potential to brighten our moods – and indeed the moods of others around us – simply by the power of smiling. This being said, and face-masks to one side, there are many people out there who struggle to smile freely for altogether different reasons. Having teeth which are visibly in poor condition can negatively affect a number of people, both in a dental health perspective as well as often socially.

Those who have teeth which are visibly broken, missing entirely, stained or discoloured can find it to be a detriment to their social wellbeing and often leads to embarrassment or a damage to their self-confidence. However, by seeking out a dentist Navan with a trustworthy reputation within the local area, it is possible to address a number of cosmetic concerns and totally transform your smile and confidence.

Discover cosmetic dentistry

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments which can have a transformative effect on the visible appearance of patients’ teeth, is cosmetic dental whitening. Teeth whitening is unarguably one of the most widely known and sought out cosmetic treatment for good reason as it is a proven, perfectly safe way of enhancing a patient’s smile and ridding it of any visible marks and stains.

Our teeth age with us, and as we age, time takes its toll on our enamel. This results in the whiteness fading into a greyer hue. Habits like smoking or drinking dark coloured drinks like red wines and black coffee also speed up this process, and can leave visible marks on patient’s teeth. Cosmetic whitening has the power to rid a patient’s teeth of years worth of such staining, often from the comfort of their own homes – through home-whitening kits.

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What are home whitening kits?

Typically, there are two forms of cosmetic teeth whitening, in-practice whitening and at-home whitening. The first can achieve results in a shorter time frame, but typically are more expensive. Home-whitening kits let patients achieve the same results, from the comfort of their own homes, which is an ever-popular option where possible.

Prior to carrying out home-whitening treatment, patients must first have their teeth assessed as being healthy by a professional practitioner. Following this, an impression must be made of their individual and unique tooth structure and shape. Using this impression, the dental practitioner then constructs an individually crafted retainer into which they demonstrate to the patient who to place a safe quantity of a bleaching gel. It is generally recommended that patients wear their retainer periodically on alternating days until their teeth reach the desired shade.

Generally, after just three or four applications patients notice a visible difference to the shade of their teeth, although it is entirely safe for them to continue the treatment further to get rid of stubborn stains or reach an impactful shade of whiteness. Before beginning a course of home-whitening, many reliable dental practices provide their patients with a professional cleaning service, which ensures that their teeth are as clean as can be and that no buildups of tartar will prevent the home-whitening kit from having the best possible effect on the patient’s smile.

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