Dental Cleaning Pain: This Is How to Deal with It

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Dentists advise people to visit for dental cleaning a couple of times annually, but very few patients follow this recommendation from their dentists in Longmont, Colorado. The simple reason for most of the absentees? The procedure is painful.

Patients everywhere fear being told the truth by the doctor. Polishing the teeth might look good and convenient, but the dentist needs to investigate further. Are there any signs of jaw fracture? Is there anything wrong with the gums? If you were to discover three years down the line that you have a serious case of periodontal disease, you would probably blame your dentist.

Pain during cleaning is not a given, but sometimes it happens. There are reasons for that.

Reasons It Hurts

There are several tooth pain triggers, the first being sensitivity to cold. Gum disease or receding gums may have exposed some sensitive sections of your tooth. Exposure of the tooth root means the enamel is no longer there and the cementum is now playing the role of protecting the roots. Since cementum is relatively soft, rough brushing or application of strong toothpaste will eventually erode it. An acidic diet may also cause this issue. If you have any form of sensitivity, inform the dentist so they can apply the necessary measures.

Below are some ways of countering dental cleaning pain.

De-Stressing Medication

Most people confess to being anxious during a dental visit, no matter how serious the problem is. Fortunately, modern dentists offer effective anti-anxiety options. Call the dentist a few days before the visit to confirm the options available. Remove anxiety from the whole thing, and you will be at a better place to overcome the real pai if any.

Brief of Cleaning Steps

To be aware of what awaits, ask the dentist to brief you. Most professional dentists start everything with a review of medical and dental history. They will seek to know if you are taking any medications or you have any medical condition. In case they fail to explain the procedure, use this opportunity to ask about the steps and their relevance.

Appointment Time

A dentist’s office tends to be busiest in the morning and calmer around midday. Time your appointment to when things have cooled down. The calmer your nerves are, the more unlikely you are to experience pain during dental cleaning.

Communicate with Your Dentist

woman smiling to her dentist

It is understandable that you may find it hard to communicate with the dentist amid the procedure. Most patients fear that the pain could become unbearable yet they cannot communicate. Agree with the doctor what signal you will use in case things turn hot.

Personal Reward

For young patients, the doctor may offer toys and goodies for cooperation. As an adult, you probably will not receive anything for your calmness. Nevertheless, you can plan something nice to look forward to after the dental cleaning.

Taking control of dental cleaning pain may seem a far-fetched idea, but you can do it. Work with a dentist who has your concerns at heart and strives to make you as comfortable as possible.

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