Discover how dental implants in Melbourne could boost your oral health

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Discover how dental implants in Melbourne could boost your oral health

Reaching new heights

Nowadays technology has made the fields of dental science and cosmetic dentistry more advanced than ever before. Through the use of cutting-edge science and innovation, practitioners are now able to perform feats which would otherwise be completely impossible. One such treatment, which has recently reached the technological peak of refinement is that of dental implants. For those who have lost a tooth, dental implants offer them an opportunity to completely restore the functionality and appearance of their smile in such a way that it feels and looks completely real.

What exactly are dental implants?

Many people, especially those who have lost teeth in the past, are more than likely aware of treatments to replace a lost tooth such as bridges or dental crowns. These work to some degree, and solve the issue of a visible gap within a patient’s mouth on a superficial level, by sitting on their gum line and effectively covering the space up. This solves the problem up to a point, but often requires numerous return visits to the patient’s dental practitioner over time. Dental implants on the other hand usually do not require any further visits to the dental practice after they have been installed other than normal check-ups and can in some cases remain in their correct place for the entirety of a patient’s life. Dental implants as a concept have existed for centuries, however it was only around the 1960s that the notion of bonding titanium within human bone tissue was adopted. Since that time, the procedure has been refined and developed to a fine point – so that today it is possible to fully restore a lost tooth in such a way that patients can enjoy their lives with a full set of healthy teeth and without having to worry about future dental problems.


Would I be eligible for treatment?

If a patient has a tooth which is missing and feels that dental implants would be the most appropriate and permanent form of treatment, then they should waste no time in seeking out an expert and trusted provider of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. In doing so, the patient can arrange for an initial consultation with the practice. This consultation will let the patient become familiarised and comfortable with the procedure, as well as the practitioner and practice. It will also allow for the dentist to make a preliminary assessment of the patient’s oral health. This is an essential process, as if the patient’s gums are infected, then it could stand in the way of treatment. Provided that the patients show no signs of periodontal disease or gingivitis, then they would generally be eligible for treatment.

What does treatment involve?

As dental implants require a permanently bonded anchor point to which a replica tooth is fixed in place, a small dental operation is required. This involves surgically stipping back a portion of the patient’s gum, to expose their jawbone. Then a small hole is drilled into the patient’s jawbone, and a false tooth root constructed from a titanium alloy is inserted. The hole is then sealed up, and left to heal. It is at this point that the fusion happens and the implant and the patient’s jawbone merge themselves together. After this, the replica tooth will be permanently fixed in place and the patient can enjoy their new smile.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

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