Facts About Fluoride: Understanding How it Works

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Fluoride, a natural mineral known for its many benefits, occurs throughout the earth’s crust and all water sources, including oceans, rivers, and lakes. It’s considered nature’s fighter against cavities. Due to its many health benefits, especially in terms of oral health, it has been produced synthetically to maximize its use. That’s why it’s present in many chemical products for the mouth, such as mouthwash, toothpaste, and drinking water.

Dental professionals worldwide, including oral surgeons and pediatric dentists in West Jordan, say that tooth decay is still one of the most common oral health problems that significantly affect many adults and children all over the world.

As many individuals cannot afford the price of regular dental visits, fluoride has been added to the municipal water supply so everyone can have better access to it. When mixed with water, fluoride levels increase significantly in many areas, which has been proven to reduce the number of many oral health-related problems among the residents. Here are some fluoride benefits you should know:

Children who use fluoride grow up to have healthier teeth

Children will enjoy the lifelong benefits of using fluoride if they start early. Adults who started using fluoride toothpaste as children have been proven to have less tooth decay. That’s why parents are highly encouraged to teach their children good dental habits as early as possible. Use toothpaste with a good amount of fluoride.

Fluoride is good for the teeth at any age

Fluoride is capable of keeping your teeth healthy no matter your age. It’s responsible in strengthening your teeth and repairing early signs of tooth decay from the time you were born all the way to your senior years. Having healthy teeth has a huge effect on a person’s overall health. A good set of teeth allows us to eat, speak, and feel confident about ourselves.

Fluoride also acts as a protection to your teeth

Apart from keeping your teeth healthy and strong, fluoride also protects them against any causes of tooth decay. The sugar we consumed accelerates the production of acid in the mouth which eats away the enamel and weaken the teeth. This is the primary cause of tooth decay. Fluoride protects the teeth by attacking the acids and reversing the early signs of tooth damage.

Fluoride found in toothpaste and varnish work together for better protection

Toothbrushe and toothpaste in the bathroom close up.

Fluoride can be sourced from many places, allowing you to have access to the best protection from tooth problems. Brushing your teeth two times a day using fluoride toothpaste is a great, affordable way to get this mineral for your teeth. For added protection, professional fluoride treatments such as varnish may also work. Before using other sources of fluoride, it’s best to consult a dental professional first.

Despite the many proven benefits of fluoride on a person’s dental health, some of its effects on other aspects of a person’s body are still being questioned, such as on the bones and brain development. However, it remains an effective mineral in addressing common teeth problems as long as people develop the right dental care habits.

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