5 Likely Reasons You Have Tooth Pain

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Few things can make your life more miserable than an aching tooth. This can make it difficult to focus during the day and rob you of sleep at night. If you’re currently enduring the discomfort of an aching tooth, one of the things you may be asking yourself is what might be causing it. Well, tooth pain may be caused by a large variety of factors. Here are five of the commonest.

Your tooth has a cavity

Cavities are the number one cause of toothaches around the world. A cavity in your tooth is caused by bacteria that eat away at the enamel. Initially, you may not experience any symptom. However, when the cavity increases in size and reaches the nerves inside your tooth, severe pain could take place. The best way to address this to visit a Meridian dental care facility right away, so they can give you a root canal or some other treatment option.

Your cavity filling fell out

A popular way to treat cavities is through fillings. With time, the filling may become lose or even break down, especially when too much force is applied to it. If your tooth has decay around the filling, then there can be breakage of the filling too. When you chew, food gets pushed into the void and causes more pressure, which in turn leads to pain. Your dentist should be able to patch up that area.

You have gum recession

If a sharp pain pops up whenever your tooth comes in contact with hot or cold food, then chances are your gums are receding, exposing the tooth’s enamel to the elements. Your dentist may recommend that you exclusively use a particular kind of toothpaste suited for sensitive teeth. Be sure to use the toothpaste consistently as stopping can disrupt the healing process.

You’re suffering an abscess

An abscess is a pocket of space along the gum line that occurs when food jammed between your teeth is pushed farther into your gums. Over time, inflammation and pain develop. Food that lingers in the abscess will eventually decay and breed an infection, and with time you may notice swelling and pus. If you have an abscess, it’s advisable that you see a dentist right away as it may soon cause gum disease. To avoid abscess, floss daily.

You continually grind your teeth

man grinding his teeth

Grinding your teeth may seem like an innocent habit, and many people don’t even realize that they’re doing it. However, this practice is harmful. It’s associated with, among other symptoms, tooth pain.

Usually, you’ll experience a sharp bolt of pain when you bite down. On some occasions, grinding causes broken teeth. One of the best ways to address the problem is by wearing night guards. Where night guards don’t seem to produce the desired results, consider Botox.

A throbbing toothache can make your life very uncomfortable and throw you completely off your routine. By knowing what exactly is causing the problem in the first place, you can take the right steps to address it and avoid it in the future.


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