Heat Therapy: Benefits of Higher Temperatures on Our Health

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There are many surprising things that we can use for our good health. Some of them are even what we may consider as something that can cause us to hurt, such as cold and needles. Heat can also be one of them, especially at higher temperatures and with direct application. But as long as we use it correctly, we can expect to receive the following benefits. You may be familiar with at least some of them.

Detoxifies the Body

One of the benefits that heat provides our bodies is a way to get rid of toxins. When it’s hot, our bodies tend to sweat to bring down our temperature. And sweat not only cools our bodies down, but it also gets rid of waste material, much like what our urine and feces do. So, for example, when you take a hot yoga class, such as from Kintsugi Yoga Studio, you’re not only getting rid of your stress and negativity, you’re also getting rid of the physical substances that cause harm to your body.

Eases Pain and Stiffness

When we’re suffering from a chronic case of stiff and painful muscles, a common remedy would be to apply a heated compress or towel over the affected area. That is because heat relaxes the muscles. It also helps make tissue stretch a little more and, surprisingly, it also reduces inflammation. Yes, the anti-inflammatory effect applies not only to cold therapy but also to heat therapy. It helps relieve pain by promoting the production of hormones that reduce it.

Assists in Healing Injuries

preventing heat

Injuries can hamper blood flow, and applying heat over the affected area can help make it go again. When that happens, the rate of healing also rises. In extreme situations, such as when you’re suffering from external bleeding, it’s also possible to use a high level of heat to burn wounds and cauterize them. Doing so prevents any more blood from flowing out of you and also prevents harmful germs from entering them and making you sick.

Promotes Mental Health

It may sound surprising, but exposing yourself to just the right amount of heat can help your brain work better. It assists in protecting and creating more brain cells, which can let us learn and think more. Also, have you ever noticed that when you feel warm, you also feel happy in some way? Aside from us associating warmth with positive feelings, heat exposure also helps keep our mood up through promoting the production of associated chemicals in the brain, and it can assist those who are suffering from depression.

There are a good number of things around us that we can use to heal ourselves or promote well-being. For example, we have plants, music, water, and light. But that’s only when we use it in the right way. Some of them can be dangerous when there’s too much, which includes heat. It is up to us to exercise wisdom and avoid harming ourselves while we’re undergoing treatment using these objects.

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