Improving Your Confidence: What Should You Do?

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Low self-confidence stems from comparison with other people you perceive as more beautiful or more accomplished than you are. And when we see that they are above us in any way, we get insecure because we get this notion that we should be like them. This happens way too often because we can’t help it. We always want to achieve a sense of greatness, and when we see that other people already have it, we get insecure or jealous.

But how do you avoid this and increase your self-confidence instead? Well, there are a lot of ways to do that. Read the tips below:

Practice Positive Self-talk

Sometimes, it’s that tiny voice in your head that says that you can’t do it or you’ll never be like them, and you shouldn’t listen to this voice. Instead, practice positive self-talk where you convince yourself that you can do it instead of the other way around. This will increase your self-confidence as long as you keep this up every day.


Exercise is known to increase our moods because of the release of endorphins and serotonin. Make time for exercise—after your work, on weekends, etc. You can do your exercises at home or apply for a gym membership. Remember to start light because you might injure yourself.

Don’t Focus on Things that You Cannot Change

Whether you like it or not, there are things that you cannot change. A mistake that you committed years ago should not weigh you down today. The past is beyond your control, and you cannot change it. It will affect your self-confidence if you keep on rethinking the past.

However, if you are worried about the physical aspect, you can have plastic surgery. There is nothing wrong with it as long as you know the risks and that you know it will increase your self-confidence. Aside from plastic surgery, you can also have cosmetic dental procedures to have your teeth fixed. You’ll be more confident to show your teeth if they look good.

Identify the Things that You Are Passionate About

Find the things you are passionate about because it will give you self-confidence. Is it photography or dancing? Or is it perhaps cooking? Don’t be afraid to try new things because maybe you’ll find your true calling among them. If you’re worried about not being young to start, age will never be a hindrance if you truly want something.

You’ll feel good about yourself once you find the things you love. You’ll feel proud and secure in yourself because you know that you’re good at one thing. There will be no room for self-doubt because you’re not stuck in the mentality that you are unskilled.

Celebrate Your Small Wins
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Celebrating your small wins is another tool to feel good about yourself. Went to the gym once within the week? Celebrate. Cooked a healthy meal? Celebrate. Even the act of getting out of bed is an achievement itself. Acknowledge that we don’t always give 100% every day because it’s the reality of life. We get unmotivated and tired, and that‘s okay. You don’t always have to wait for the big things before you celebrate because everything you did for the day is enough achievement.

Surround Yourself with Good Company

Another way to make yourself feel good is to surround yourself with good company. They influence how you think, how you act, and even how you perceive yourself. Choose your companions wisely because it’s better to be peaceful and alone than to be miserable while surrounded by people. Your company should be one of your sources of confidence and happiness, not self-doubt and self-hate. They should lift you from the ground, not bury you deep enough.

Self-confidence always starts with self-love, and self-love begins with identifying what makes you weak and what makes you strong. The first step you should do is focus on yourself and stop focusing on what others have and what you don’t. This is a trap, and it’s hard to recover from the never-ending comparison. You should give yourself credit because you are unique and have something that others don’t.

The tips that we provided above are meant to bring you great joy because when you are happy, you become confident and nicer towards other people. And the more you focus on yourself, the less time you have for comparison. It will be hard at first because it’s hard to break the negativity, but it’s worth a try. You will see the difference after a reasonable amount of time.

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