Make Your Hair Appear Thicker with These Suggestions

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Thinning hair is something that no one wants to happen to themselves. The hair is a person’s crowning glory. It shapes the whole face, giving uniqueness to each individual.

Some people though aren’t fortunate enough to have thick hair. Others may even experience thinning hair at a young age.

Nobody wants thinning hair. If this happens to you, however, you can take steps to remedy the situation. Keep these things in mind to make your hair look thicker.

Cut it Short

Longer hair has a tendency to look thinner. When you cut your hair, however, it can give the illusion of a healthier appearance.

Here’s an additional tip: When you head to your nearest salon for a haircut, consider giving layers a shot. Layering produces a texturized look that makes your hair appear thicker.

Use a Lighter Shade of Hair Color

Going for a hair color that is lighter in shade for the roots (and as highlights) is better than the color similar to your shade. It will give your scalp a thicker look.

Opt for Volumizing Shampoo and Mousse

Using both can add volume to hair. After washing your hair with volumizing shampoo, spray mousse near the roots of your hair. This will make your hair appear thicker without looking dry or sticky.

Avoid Certain Conditioners

When shopping for hair products on the market, stay away from anything with “smoothing” and “hydrating” on the bottle. They most likely contain oils that could prevent your hair from getting the volume it needs.

Protect Your Hair While Giving it Volume

You can give your hair the volume it needs by using a round hairbrush. If you want to protect it, you can use a round natural-bristle brush. This can give more volume to hair its metal counterparts. On top of that, it works well on thinning hair.

Use Hairspray

Stylist using hair spray

While hairspray can stiffen hair, it can add volume. This product can make your hair look fuller, as it gives your hair some height.

Don’t Use Blow-Dry

Go for Velcro rollers instead of blow-drying, as it could ruin your hair. Using Velcro rollers is easy. Start at the tip of your hair and roll it until you reach near your face or scalp.

Take Advantage of Micropigmentation

Hair tattoo or scalp micropigmentation is for people who are suffering from hair loss. The process involves using microneedles to make tattoos onto the scalp. This gives the appearance that the head still has hair follicles. Additionally, the procedure adds density to the problematic areas of the head.

Depending on your service provider, micropigmentation may come in three different sessions (with varying durations). The first session might last anywhere from three to five hours. The extra sessions, however, may be shorter. You may experience slight discomfort in the procedure, but it usually vanishes as the procedure progresses.

When you undergo a full micropigmentation, you will be happy to know that the procedure requires minimal maintenance. On top of that, it does not carry any lifestyle restrictions.

These suggestions will help give your hair a thicker appearance. Thinning hair is a sad part of life, but it doesn’t have to be when you take advantage of these remedies.

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