Prevention Is Better Than Cure At The Dental Surgery

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Going to the dentist in Mackay isn’t only about getting fillings and dentures fitted. There’s a whole range of advice, information and support they can offer to help patients take great care of their teeth and gums.

Dental disease is preventable, and it is possible to keep teeth for life. This is why modern dentistry puts such a focus on preventive care and why the dentist in Mackay encourages patients to bring their children in for their first check-up as early as possible. Practices such as Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, can advise patients on brushing technique, nutrition and overall wellbeing to care for their teeth.

Children’s dentistry

Preventive dentistry starts young. Patients can bring their little ones in when they are toddlers – not for their own appointment, but to help them get used to the dental environment while their parents and siblings have treatment. They get to meet the dentist in Mackay and find out that the dental surgery is not such a scary place.

Then, once their adult teeth are in, they can come in for their own appointment. Establishing a healthy oral hygiene routine in childhood can set someone up for a lifetime of great teeth.

Brushing technique

When children first learn to brush their teeth, it takes a while for them to cover their whole mouth, especially the big molars at the back. The hygienist and dentist in Mackay can help kids to develop a brushing technique that works for them and if necessary, use fissure sealants to protect their teeth from decay.

And adults may need help with this too. Everyone’s teeth are different and need a particular technique and brush type to help them care for their smile. The dentist in Mackay can offer advice on this.


There are some foods that help dental health and others that don’t. The dentist can give a run-down on which ones are which and when the best time is to eat certain foods.

Other services

The dentist in Mackay may also offer a fresh breath clinic and help to quit smoking, both of which contribute to overall dental health

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