Primary Ingredients That Should Inform Your Choice of Joint Supplements

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According to CDC statistics, approximately 50% of people worldwide have some form of joint condition. Though most people associate this condition with aging, joint issues can affect people across all ages. Joint problems are primarily linked to constant strain on the joints due to excess weight.

The conditions can also follow the use of joints which are not adequately healed after trauma or surgery. Most people will, unfortunately, pay little attention to their joints’ health until they experience joint pain and discomfort by which time it is too late to do much.

If you buy joint care supplements even with no symptoms of joint issues, this will not be your story. Not all supplements you come across in stores and chemists will, however, boost your body’s skeletal health. To guarantee you pick the right supplement, consider its ingredients.

The following are the key ones that will improve your joint’s health.


This is a crucial building block of the body’s cartilage. Cartilage is the outer lining which protects the ends of your bones and allows them to move without rubbing against each other and compromising their integrity.

Cartilage also acts a shock absorber and minimizes impact when there is considerable trauma on your bones. A reduction of your cartilage leads to joint inflammation, frequent fractures even with minimal trauma and bone degradation. The recommended daily glucosamine intake is 1500mg.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is at times called sodium hyaluronate. It is found in the synovial fluid which lubricates your joints where it increases its viscosity and protects bone tissues from the harmful effects of inflammation. Though only available as an injectable in the past, hyaluronic acid is now available in oral supplements.


This is a significant component of the synovial fluid which surrounds your joints. This fluid lubricates your joints as they move to reduce their friction and act as a shock absorber.

It also promotes joint health by fighting the effects of joint degrading enzymes and help to maintain the structural integrity of your connective tissue. Your daily recommended chondroitin intake is 1000mg.

Krill Oil

This is a leading source of astaxanthin and omega-3 essential fatty acids. Krill oil also contains phospholipids which enhance the absorbability of omega-3 fatty acids.

The omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties as well, which will help relieve pain in those who have arthritis and other joint-related inflammatory conditions. These components of krill oil are all essential for your joint as well as cardiovascular health. You should take at least 3000mg of krill oil daily.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

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This is an organic sulfur compound which supports joint health and averts inflammation. Research has linked it to the relief of pain and swelling in those with joint issues. MSM does this by enhancing collagen strength and stability and enhancing the properties of glucosamine.

The above supplement ingredients will prove crucial in improving the health of your joints and bones. They will, however, be more beneficial when combined with exercise, the right diet, and other healthy lifestyle modifications. There are many joint supplement brands available nowadays but settle for brands with natural ingredients to reduce your risk of side effects.

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