Stem Cells: The Future of Medicine

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Everyone longs for a world without illnesses and other kinds of suffering. The world of medicine has developed countless cures for different types of diseases. These medications have given hope for millions of sick people, which may include you and a loved one. But there are still a lot of diseases waiting for a cure.

Stem cell cure has been on the news for some time now. It may be that revolutionary treatment you are looking for. Stem cell therapy can be the ultimate cure for all kinds of illnesses soon. Learn more about this treatment and how it can help you with your medical needs.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cells generate cells that have specific purposes. During stem cell division, “daughter cells” are formed. These cells either turn into new stem cells or other types of cells. This includes bone cells, brain cells, and blood cells among a few.

This discovery led to a revolutionary treatment called stem cell therapy. Also called regenerative medicine, it involves using stem cells to repair diseased body tissue. It can also be a great alternative for organ donations since the latter can be hard to find.

Stem cells used for medical treatments are laboratory-produced. It will be “tweaked” into different cell types and then injected on the person with a specific illness. For example, the patient will be injected nerve cells on the damaged nerve. This procedure can contribute to treating nerve-related illnesses.

Research is ongoing for the future of stem cell therapy. So far, a lot of patients have already benefited from this revolutionary treatment. It can be the answer for curing other diseases that don’t have definite treatment as of now.

What can it cure?

Doctors have already done stem cell treatments over the years. Under proper conditions, stem cells can function like any type of cell and aid in the regeneration of diseased tissues. This means stem cells can aid in tissue and wound repair in a shorter and a more effective way.

Aside from that, stem cell treatments also promise to treat major illnesses including:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Brain / neurological disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.)
  • Blood diseases (leukemia, anemia, etc.)
  • Cell deficiency

The future of medicine

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We all have stem cells. You can either donate it for others who need it or preserve it for your future use. Stem cells are found in umbilical cord blood, peripheral stem cells, and bone marrow. Among the three options, the last one is the most common procedure done.

Stem cell harvest can cost a lot. But it can be worth the investment whether it’s for you or someone else. For one, stem cells are easier to find than looking for replacement organs for transplants. Some would have to wait for months to get a matching kidney or other organs to prolong the patient’s life.

Stem cell rejection is also unlikely, especially if it is harvested from the patient’s own body. It can be the next big thing in the world of medicine once it becomes mainstream.

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