Which Quick-Fix Body Contouring Solution Will Get You Back in Shape?

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A woman can become overly concerned at the site of cellulite, loose skin, and excess circumference. Treatments abound, and medspa facilities in Salt Lake would be happy to help you deal with these concerns. You may be thinking about liposuction and other surgical options, but allow us to present non-invasive body contouring options you may not have heard of and their promising results.

Fat reduction with CoolSculpting

Based on data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, millions undergo non-invasive procedures for fat reduction every year. CoolSculpting sounds like a cool procedure, and it is. Essentially, it uses cooling technology for cosmetic purposes. Unwanted fat does not bode well with cold, and with this FDA-cleared procedure, you won’t have to go under the knife. It is one of the most popular body sculpting treatments available today that does not involve needles or scalpels.

Fat cells can be stubborn, but they have no teeth against freezing cold. Do not worry about frostbite.  Controlled temperature exposure on target areas freeze the fat, which disintegrates. Et voila! You won’t have to wear that girdle anymore because outcomes are highly satisfactory for problem areas such as the flanks, abdomen, thighs, hips, and upper arms — no need to worry about associated tissue damage as well because the procedure can be performed with high precision.

Decrease volume with Velashape

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Exposure of fat cells to heat can reduce cellulite in tissues, and improve skin condition. Velashape utilizes heat in combination with a vacuum effect to remove fat and stimulate the production of skin proteins. Integration of various technologies results in less skin laxity and a better overall contour. Focused mild bursts of energy disintegrate fat cells. The appearance of the skin improves immediately with the removal of cellulite. The effects can already be seen after three treatment sessions. VelaShape is a process that utilizes a combination of bi-polar radio frequency, vacuum, and infrared radiation. It has been cleared by the FDA and has helped thousands of women achieve the shape they desire.

Reduce body circumference with Ultrashape

A slim figure is the promise of UltraShape through smart utilization of ultrasound technology. Stubborn fat cells decay with exposure to focused ultrasound. Since the treatment is selective to fat cells, there is to danger to surrounding muscle, bone, and nerve tissue. The subcutaneous fat layer is the target of the treatment. Specific treatment parameters allow the cosmetic surgeon to target deeper layers as well. It is so effective you will notice a marked decrease in the circumference of a problem area after three sessions. Like CoolScupting and VelaShape, this procedure has no downtime.

Fat deposits can be stubborn, but there are new and better ways to shed them off. Fat removal and reduction do not always have to involve surgery. You can get rid of excess unwanted fat in three sessions with modern body contouring procedures. Fat reduction treatment procedures that are certified by the FDA are safe and guarantees results. Best of all, you won’t have to miss work due to minimal to no downtime if you choose to undergo non-invasive treatment.

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