Are you fully aware of your options when it comes to braces in Liverpool?

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Realigning your outlook towards orthodontics

Mostly, when asked to consider orthodontics, people think of fused metallic braces and the social shortcomings relating to them. While this may have been true some 30 years ago, nowadays, it is an entirely different story altogether.

Those who seek out orthodontic braces from a trusted and respectable provider will find many treatment options open to them. These span from traditional, fused braces to more contemporary cosmetic alternatives.

In recent years, cosmetic orthodontic methods have grown in popularity exponentially – particularly in the demographics of teenagers and young adults. This is primarily because most cosmetic orthodontic treatments aim to realign a patient’s smile – without impacting or affecting how they look.

What kind of cosmetic orthodontic are there?

Over the last few decades, the world of cosmetic and general orthodontics has excelled in leaps and bounds.

Now, anyone who is unhappy with the positioning of their teeth can visit a trusted local orthodontic provider and choose between several different treatments and approaches. Each of these has its own sets of advantages and appeals to any particular patients.

straight teeth

Below is a short description of some of the main orthodontic options open to patients:

  • Fixed braces – One of the most common forms of orthodontics, this method involves using brackets – which are attached to every individual tooth – and a tension wire to gradually shift the patient’s teeth together. The reason that this ‘traditional’ method of realigning teeth hasn’t been replaced is that it is still one of the most influential and fast ways of achieving realignment. For patients who wish to go down this route, there is also the option to choose clear plastic or tooth-coloured brackets – which are far more discrete but just as effective.
  • Clear aligners – These are a somewhat more unconventional and modern approach to the orthodontic realignment that can achieve lasting, positive results in a concise time – often as little as six-months! Rather than using brackets or wires, this method uses a clear tray placed over the patient’s teeth (similar to a mouthguard). As nothing is attached directly to a patient’s teeth, these clear aligners are mostly far more comfortable.
  • Removable appliances – Another contemporary cosmetic orthodontic alternative treatment is through removable appliances. These are made from durable but comfortable dental plastic, and fit over the patients teeth perfectly as they are made from a mould of their tooth shape. One of the main appeals to this method of dental realignment is that the retainer can be removed at the patient’s choosing. This is unlike most other types of orthodontics, and has helped removable appliances such as Invisalignbecome some of the most popular orthodontic treatments available.

How can I get cosmetic orthodontics?

If you’re unsatisfied with the alignment of your smile, and would like to find out what cosmetic options are available to help you take back control over your dental wellbeing and aesthetics, then simply speak to a professional dental provider today.

By booking yourself in for a consultation you can make sure that your oral health is assessed by a professional, who will then detail all the cosmetic orthodontic treatments which are available to you.

Orthodontics has the potential to completely transform not just your smile, but your confidence-levels and entire outlook towards life! Speak to a local trusted provider of cosmetic orthodontics today and begin the first chapter of your newly improved dental future.

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