5 Famous Celebrities Who Wore Braces

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Having a beautiful smile has its advantages. Not only would it be eye-catching for people who will see you and amplify your already beautiful features, but it is also an indication of a healthy set of teeth. Perfectly aligned teeth also allow better pronunciation as well.

For celebrities that are on cam almost 24/7, there is almost a “need” to have those perfectly aligned teeth because of their line of job – and to be safe from the public’s scrutiny and hateful words. It is an occupational hazard, to say the least.

But not everyone is born with perfect teeth, and humans have found a way to correct that through braces. This means, yes, even celebrities have visited an orthodontist to get their teeth aligned. Some have been fixed so well the people forget they even had braces!

Here is a list of a few of those celebrities:

Niall Horana

When One Direction member Niall Horan first started in the band, he was not only known as the “blonde member” in the band. Fans were quick to point out the Irish singer’s crooked teeth from his first audition at the X-factor.

While some fans find that to be adorable, Niall Horan still wore Invisalign braces when the band was starting to get attention in 2011 and have them removed in 2013. Interested? Head to your friendly orthodontist in Taylorsville and inquire about your options.

Emma Watson

Hermione Granger did not magically recite a spell to get those pearly whites aligned. Unlike Niall though, the Harry Potter star actually wore traditional braces for four months. Watson said she was proud of wearing them since according to her, “a gorgeous smile is for life” – which is absolutely true.

Kendall Jenner

This gorgeous model wore traditional braces like Watson when she was 13. But has admitted to not wearing her retainers regularly which caused some of the teeth to be crooked again and back to how they were.

The model then switched to Invisalign braces when she was 16, which proved to be effective considering how “high-fashion” and gorgeous her smile is now.

Justin Bieber

Bieber is also part of the braces club since he invested in wearing Invisalign braces when he was a teenage – there is even a video posted by the Biebs himself showing them off. The pop star also shared how he wore his braces regularly for a whole year and only takes them off when he eats or for cleaning.

His dental care proved to have fantastic results since lots of fans still lose their minds whenever the Biebs flashes his smile!

Tom Cruise

man with perfect teeth

Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actors right now, and his smile is surely one of the most recognizable ones in Hollywood. Although, the actor’s smile was not always as perfect. When he was first starting out, you would be able to see that his teeth were first crooked, broken and misaligned if you watch his earlier movies like Risky Business.

It is not until 2002 that Tom Cruise, at age 40, started wearing braces to align his teeth and bite further.

Wearing braces would be stressful, painful, and restricting, but all of these would be worth it in the end once you start flashing that gorgeous smile – take these celebrities as examples.

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