Single on Valentine’s Day? Here are Some Activities You Can Enjoy

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While people who are in a relationship begin prepping to surprise their significant others with chocolates and romantic dates, what will a single lady do during the upcoming holiday?

Instead of sitting in front of your TV, watching a romantic comedy while you swipe right on every profile on Tinder, here are a few activities you can do on February 14:

Pamper Yourself

Being alone does not mean being miserable. Make the most of the many discounts that will come out in the next couple of weeks and stock up your bathroom drawers with luxury hair care products, soaps, face masks, etc. 

When Valentine’s Day comes around, spend the entire day pampering yourself. Turn your bathroom into a makeshift spa by lighting scented candles and playing calming music. Draw up a warm bath to start and don’t forget to drop a colorful bath bomb that contains ingredients to soften and moisturize your skin. 

Next, use a face mask. You can buy your favorite or you can scour the internet for a homemade recipe. For dry skin, mix avocado with honey and oats. For acne-prone skin, mix manuka honey with turmeric powder and salt. Apply on your skin and leave on for up to 20 minutes before you wash it off. 

Do not forget to do your nails. Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure even if you have no plans to go out that day. The important thing is to make yourself feel beautiful and confident. 

Volunteer Your Time to an Animal Shelter


You know what is better than going on a romantic date? Spending the day with cute kittens and puppies!

Sign up at your local animal center and care for the pets that will also otherwise celebrate the holiday on their lonesome. Who knows? Maybe, by the end of the day, you’ll come home with a fur-ever companion that will love and cherish you for the rest of its life. 

It’s Galentine’s Day

Gather up your single friends and throw a party! You know your friends will always have your back no matter what, so take this opportunity to thank them for being the best support system in the world. 

Go to your favorite restaurant with your girls and order steaks with a glass of wine. Do not forget the dessert, as well. Share a slice of chocolate cake or a bowl of ice cream with your friends and realize that being single is never a bad thing. 

Cap off the night by going dancing in a popular club. If that is not your scene, head to a karaoke bar and sing your lungs out while your friends cheer for you. 

Go Home 

You can also make Valentine’s Day all about family. Tell mum and dad to sit back and relax while you make dinner for them or take them to an expensive restaurant. If they want to be alone, you can offer to stay at home and look after your siblings while they go on a date. 

Valentine’s Day has always been marketed as a holiday for lovers. However, love takes many forms. If you do not have a partner, you are still surrounded by people who love you very much. Make them feel that you appreciate them not just this coming Feb. 14, but hopefully every day of the year.

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