A Look into Stubborn Skin Problems

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When you’re too embarrassed to go outside without wearing some sort of disguise, it is time to think about finding a definitive solution to your skin problems. After trying out a handful of miracle solutions without good results, give up self-medication and rethink your options. Dermatological conditions will only get worse if you choose to neglect them or opt for denial. An experienced dermatologist in Salt Lake City can provide invaluable advice on recurrent problems that keep you from living a full and happy life.

Making scars disappear

There are some scars from childhood that you wear with pride. There may be scars that you want to flaunt. However, you’d rather people not see scars such as the marks from severe acne, right? Damage to elastin and collagen—skin proteins—is the root of scar formation. While old scars are beyond help, dermatologists can do something about scars that are a few months old. The right treatment can erase them from the skin surface.

Saying goodbye to keloids

A straightforward steroid injection can still change the appearance of keloids—the lumpy, darkish type of scar that most people want to remove from their body. With your consent, a cosmetic surgeon can perform a surgical procedure to remove the scars. A skin specialist can use a laser to remove thin and flat scars, which disappear magically when healed completely. Laser technology is helpful when dealing with reddish scars. These are scars attributed to atypical blood vessel formation.

Taking a red patch more seriously

acne skin

If you cannot get rid of patches of redness on your face and neck, then you must consider the fact that you are dealing with skin disease. Rather than attribute it to a harmless rash or an insect bite, you should set an appointment with a dermatologist for a definitive diagnosis.

What treatable skin conditions can present with persistent redness? For many people, the red rash on their face is a symptom of seborrheic dermatitis. The red area may be scaly and dry, but it also appears on oily skin. The redness from seborrheic dermatitis will resolve upon adherence to a treatment protocol. Sadly, it will not resolve without proper treatment.

Understanding skin redness more

Another cause of skin redness is contact dermatitis, which is associated with an allergen. The redness is a direct consequence of an allergic response. Skin irritation from contact dermatitis can result from the use of hair dye, soap, and other consumer products. For some people, the trigger or irritant is food or certain plants. For this type of dermatitis, the treatment program focuses on removing or avoiding the allergen. Redness may be a symptom of atopic dermatitis, which is more popularly known as eczema. There is no definite cure for the scaly, itchy, red patch on your cheek, but a board-certified dermatologist can help alleviate the symptoms.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and you must be vigilant in checking for significant changes in its appearance. Treatment for certain scars and patches of redness is available, but other conditions may not be resolved. Nevertheless, you must not neglect your skin or make hasty purchases on products and medications that promise a cure. When changes on your skin are recurrent or persistent, seek expert advice from a dermatologist.

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