Work Hard, Not Painfully

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An office is a place where you do a set of tasks repeated daily. Some of them require that you stay in your seat or move around for hours on end. It’s no big deal until you feel some pain on your lower back. When you are sitting down with bad posture for long hours, it’s not impossible to feel pain after a while.

Does this mean that your time of working is coming to an end? Well, if you do the following things, that doesn’t have to be the case:

Go to a Chiropractor

Pain management is something that you should not ignore, especially if your back is keeping you from focusing at work. If worse comes to worst, you might wake up one day unable to move due to debilitating pain. Working with a chiropractor in Midvale can be a gentle way of easing the pain over multiple sessions, which is recommended so that you are not forcing your back in one way or another. Back pain can result from hours of sitting, and one hour of treatment will not be able to reverse that.

Exercise to Improve Posture

girls doing yogaWhen you have bad posture and you stay in it for hours, gravity is exerting pressure on the wrong parts of the body, which can cause pain in the long run. The recommended way to deal with the pain is to fix your posture. There are several ways to do that, most of which will take some time to show results like pain management. They do benefit you for a long time, however, and even just for that, they are worth trying.

When you have good posture, you improve your appearance and you can even see a boost in confidence. You appear taller because you stand straighter, and even as you get older, your bones will thank you for not letting them be compressed due to gravity. All in all, you’re getting rid of the back pain you’re feeling while improving yourself. Why wouldn’t you do it?

Use an Ergonomic Chair

Even if you don’t think the pain is too severe, it’s a good idea to switch to ergonomic chairs to keep it from getting serious. Now, if you’re in an office, you can’t just choose your own chair, so the better way is to request it. You can even recommend that the entire company replace all chairs with ergonomic ones, which will benefit all employees and even the business itself. If employees do not have to miss work because of back pain, they can contribute more to business operations.

For those who are working from home, your makeshift office can use a new chair configured to your height. The table you use and the angle of your monitor should also be determined ergonomically. You can also have a yoga ball for your back exercises or include lumbar support in your chair for enhanced comfort.

You work hard, but don’t forget to be good to your body. If you feel any kind of pain, no matter how little, figure out what’s causing it and find solutions to keep it from worsening.

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