Avoiding Eye Strain in a Work from Home Set-Up

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Because quarantine measures are still in place for most of the workers around the world, the only way people see the world is through their phones. In place of meeting friends at a restaurant, they take video calls on messaging apps. Instead of shopping from boutiques, they browse online stores. Instead of driving to buy food from a diner, they log into the app and order online.

It is a testament to the wonders of technology, but these new habits can damage the health of your eyes. Constant exposure to screens and blue light could cause eye strain, a common condition when the eyes are too tired. The eyes are sore, itchy, and dry.

Although it doesn’t intensive solutions like refractive errors or allergic conjunctivitis treatments, eye strain still hampers your ability to focus and get productive. So to avoid eye strain, here are some things to keep in mind while you work from home.

Create a Cozy Work Environment

Not only is an ideal work environment conducive to productivity, but it also helps keep you healthy. An ergonomic chair, for instance, enables you to maintain proper posture and improves spine health.

As for the eyes, the computer screen should be 20 to 28 inches away. The screen should also be slightly below eye level and placed in such a way that it will help you avoid glare from lighting fixtures and windows. If possible, invest in a standing desk converter. That enables you to raise or lower the desk to an optimal eye level and, at the same time, allow you to stand while working.

If you’re working at night, adjust the color temp on the screen settings to reduce the amount of “blue.” This blue light, according to experts, tricks our bodies into thinking that it is daytime, keeping us wide awake into the dead of night.


Follow the 20-20-20 Rule

The 20-20-20 Rule gives your eyes enough rest throughout the day. It gives the eyes a break from looking at a bright screen. For every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

You can use your phone to set the alarm every twenty minutes. Moreover, do not use phones when you’re on your snack break. That gives your eyes more rest as you gear up for the next few hours of work.

Squeeze in time to do some eye exercises, as well. Hold one index finger at eye level and half an arm’s length away. Then, hold the other index finger at eye level but an arm’s length away. Bounce your gaze from one finger to another for a full minute.

Let in Natural Light

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Sunlight also does wonders for the eyes, which is why an ideal working station should be filled with natural light. Researchers say that children who are exposed to a healthy amount of sunlight have a lower risk of developing nearsightedness.

Some doctors recommend “sunning” your eyes or exposing the eyes to a little bit of sunlight to activate the macula, the part of the retina that handles clear central vision. To sun the eyes, remove your contact lenses or eyeglasses. Close your eyes, face the sun, and turn your head from side to side gently, for about three minutes. Do not look directly at the sun—the light that filters through your thin eyelids is enough.

In the digital economy, the eyes are one of your most valuable assets, so keep your working environment eye-friendly. By preventing eye strain, you can always make full use of your eyes and stay productive.

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