Here’s How I Keep my Hair Shiny and Healthy

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Your hair is truly your crowning glory, which is why you should always try and care for it properly. In a perfect world, your hair would be perfectly tame and just the way you want it to be. However, certain factors that are out of our control, such as the sun’s heat, pollution, and other factors can affect the way your hair looks and feels.

This is the main reason you should always strive to make your hair look and feel amazing. It won’t be that way forever, which means that you would have to practice your routine every single day the moment you find what works for you.

So What Worked for Me?

Woman with long straight hair

Recently, I found this one product that totally changed my game when it comes to my hair. Kedma Philippines’ Mud Hair Mask is a mask that has Dead Sea Black Mud in it, which promises to keep your hair damage-free, shiny, strong, and bouncy. It does just that for me and I am forever thankful that I have found this product after a long search of hair masks in the market.

I have naturally curly hair, which can be difficult to tame at times. It has this frizz that won’t go away and sometimes, I just grow super tired of it that I opt to put it in a bun. To top that off, I love coloring my hair every now and then. This makes it even drier and frizzier, which only adds to the problem.

I also love using heat-styling tools, such as a blow dryer and a hair iron, especially during those days wherein I need to look really good for an event. I have noticed that over time — because of doing these things and because of uncontrollable factors — my curls have died down. I used to have these bouncy and shiny curls but today, my curls are much harder to tame.

Well, that is until I have discovered the Kedma Hair Mask. I use it once to twice a week after shampooing my hair. I first wet my hair (damp, not soaking wet), then I massage the mask gently for five to eight minutes. I make sure to cover every single strand, as well as my scalp so every single inch is nourished. I then leave it for about 20 minutes, then I rinse it off with warm water.

I have noticed that my hair has come back to life, meaning that it is much easier to tame and style! I do not have to use tons of products anymore just to keep my hair free from frizz and extreme dullness.

If you ask me, I am never going back to the old routine that I was used to before. I am very much satisfied with this product, coupled with the organic shampoo and conditioner that I use. I also use a curl enhancing mousse to tame my curly hair and keep it looking great for the whole day.

This mud hair mask saved my life and I think you should try it today, as well.

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