Dental Reminders Everyone Should Heed

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Dental problems are more common than you may believe. Some of them are brought on by strenuous activities you don’t normally do, while others result from years of neglect. As you gradually erode your gums and enamel, your teeth weaken and become more prone to serious dental problems.

Here are some noteworthy reminders to keep your teeth, dentures, or implants in good condition:

Brushing and Flossing Remains the Unbeatable Combo

Your teeth don’t need much. They require the simplest procedures to remain in good health, but they do require that you care for them regularly. At a very young age, you are told to brush your teeth, but as you grow older, you need to do it properly. Brushing and flossing after every meal are all your teeth is asking for.

Do not go to bed without brushing, as this gives bacteria in the mouth enough time to spread out and start damaging your teeth. Forget to brush a couple times a week and you’re already paving the way for rotten teeth.

Mouthwash is Not Optional

South Jordan residents, listen up. You are lucky if you have friends upfront enough to tell you that you have bad breath, but for many, this is a topic they choose to avoid. While they may not tell you about it, they could be telling everyone else, which ruins whatever reputation you’re trying to build.

Whether or not you think you have halitosis, practice rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash regularly. It helps remove the bacteria that brushing did not completely eradicate. Mouth washing is especially recommended in the morning to get rid of bacteria that have accumulated overnight while you were sleeping.

If It’s Beyond Fixing, Let It Go

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Who doesn’t want healthy and natural teeth? It’s the ideal scenario, but unfortunately, you may not be able to undo years of neglect. A tooth may be plaguing you because of severe aches and a visit to the dentist confirms what you’ve been dreading: it’s time to have it pulled out.

Now is not the time to feel sentimental about losing your teeth. Keeping the rotten tooth may spread the problem to other teeth. The better thing to do is to have them removed, and then have dental implant surgery in South Jordan to keep other teeth from moving in their place.

Care for Teeth Both Real and Synthetic

You may feel fearless now that you have dentures or implants. But that’s neglect that will lead to dental problems all over again if you don’t care for your oral health. Dentures must be cleaned and kept in a solution overnight to preserve their condition. Brush dental implants as you would real teeth.

Remember that they are still in your mouth, where bacteria may spread rapidly if you forget to brush, floss, and use a mouth rinse. Implants and dentures are hygienic, but they will not cancel out your unhealthy dental habits. Even if they don’t say anything, the people you meet notice the state of your teeth. Care for them and any dentures or implants you may have, so you can maintain a positive impression.

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