How Can Missing Teeth Affect One’s Health?

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Maintaining good oral health is important, no one can deny it, but for a person who has lost several of their teeth, should they bother with restoring their smile to full functionality? Especially when they have carried on for many years already without bothering?

The answer is an emphatic ‘Yes!’, because it is never too late to enjoy a healthier and more functional smile again. There are many other detrimental effects that are caused by missing teeth, not only to someone’s oral health, but to their overall health as well.

Oral health issues include the shrinking and receding of the jawbone, which can weaken the bond with surrounding teeth. Teeth are also prone to shifting and moving to accommodate for a missing tooth as well, which is not only unsightly, but can cause chewing, biting and speaking issues.

Not only this, mouth injuries can be more severe when teeth are not aligned in place or are not comfortably placed against one another as they are designed to do. A small knock to the mouth can result in serious complications if one’s oral health is not maintained.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Patients with missing teeth often have more issues with plaque on their remaining teeth and so have unnecessary struggles with the health of their mouth on this score as well. By taking action quickly, people who have lost teeth can limit the impact that this has on their oral health.

What about overall health and wellbeing? How do missing teeth affect this?

teeth mold

Some interesting studies have emerged over the years explaining significant links between oral health and people’s overall health.

Some are obvious, such as missing teeth and subsequent aforementioned complications and poor nutrition. If a patient cannot eat and chew correctly, they can experience digestion issues which can lead to a whole host of other issues.

Other, lesser known and understood associations include untreated tooth decay and gum disease to heart health and pregnant women experiencing premature births because of their oral health.

So what is the take-home message?

If a person has missing teeth, the best thing they can do for their physical and emotional health is to have them replaced. There are many ways in which a dentist is able to do this, one of them being the popular dental implants procedure.

This treatment is a long-lasting option and can be designed to fit in with the lifestyle demands of almost any adult. There is no upper age limit, meaning that mature individuals can enjoy a renewed sense of enjoyment with their smile again.

One must be in a healthy physical state in order to comfortably undergo the minor surgical procedure, so it is important to speak with a dentist to ensure eligibility. During an initial consultation, patients are able to bring to light any concerns or questions they may have regarding the treatment and how it may be applicable to their personal situation.

Dentists will be only too willing to go through the advantages and any potential risks that this treatment may have for their patient, so that they are well informed in order to make the right decision.

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