How Dentists Help You To Look Your Best!

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There are many providers of beauty treatments, therapies and aesthetic services, but one that is all too often forgotten about (perhaps because they have been such a part of the high street and our lifestyles for so long) is the local dentist. They are surprisingly good at providing facial aesthetics Kent and cosmetic treatments. But why? With clinical training, prescribing powers and services that have always considered the cosmetic impact, their expertise in the field of aesthetics should not be underestimated.

Proven skills and strictly regulated

Unfortunately, many people have had to get used to a ‘buyer beware’ mentality when it comes to seeking out practitioners providing beauty services. There has long been an issue of allowing the cosmetics industry to regulate itself, rather than having legislation placed upon it. This is radically different to healthcare in the UK.

You can see this in people’s behaviours when seeking out a beautician; they will ask their friends for recommendations, they will Google them and try to seek out a portfolio of all their past work. Many people also consider how permanent their businesses are; do they operate from a pop-up kiosk? Or do they have a brick and mortar business that has been in operation for many years?  People go to all this effort because, whether subconsciously or consciously, they know that a beautician can easily over promise, with very few consequences to themselves and seriously short change clients, both financially and possibly damaging the very appearance that they had promised to improve.

consulting dentist about dental health

When you are looking for a beautician to help you with any kind of cosmetic procedure (be it dermal fillers or a chemical peel), it is always advisable to meet them face to face and, if possible, have them show you their portfolio of work. Be wary of practitioners who do not answer questions directly, and also remember to go with your gut. If someone rubs you up the wrong way, they are not the person you want to perform any kind of cosmetic procedure on you.

Relationships and convenience

So, why should you choose a dental practice to perform your cosmetic procedure? Dental surgeries are family dentists rooted in a community and dedicated to serving their reputation extending over multiple generations; this is extremely important to them. They are socially and geographically embedded, making attending appointments easy. When it comes to minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, short appointments can be provided, permitting treatments to occur during a lunch break at the office, or during the commute home at the end of the day.

Prescribing and sourcing

In the UK anyone is allowed to carry out minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures which usually involve injectables or chemical peels. Many spas are well practised in following the manufacturer’s guidelines, which are unlikely to be harmful. But there is an issue when it comes to prescription medications that may be useful for cosmetics. For instance, a prescription-only numbing agent may be of great use, but unless they have prescribing powers they would not be able to apply it. Dental surgeries have full prescription powers, so never have an issue with what they can provide to patients during any facial procedure. Hence why it is best to seek them out over beauty clinics or spas.

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