Skincare for Homebodies: What You Need to Stay Youthful

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Indeed, what truly matters is what’s on the inside, but it wouldn’t hurt to help your body be healthier to make your skin glow and look more radiant. Even if you’re a homebody and safe from pollution, there are still various factors that can damage your skin. Indoor air quality is not the best for the skin, especially without an excellent ventilation. Plus, given how most furniture in your interior and exterior spaces collects dust, there are plenty of particles present that can irritate your skin and cause a host of problems.

Staying at home saves you from different skin-damaging elements. Still, although you have fewer things to worry about, your road to a healthy and blemish-free countenance does not stop once you limit your trips outdoors. If you want to look youthful for longer, you should do these healthy skin practices today.

Get a Humidifier

Without good heating and cooling systems, indoor air might be too cold or too hot, both temperatures being bad for the skin. Not turning on the AC will make you sweat and promote the germination of bacteria on your skin, while blasting it on high will leave you with red dryness.

To maintain the proper climate, you need to set your fan or AC at just the right setting to prevent the heat and the cold. Placing a humidifier will also help your skin absorb moisture better, keeping it plump and hydrated.

Clean Your Soft Surfaces

Lounging around is one of the best things to do at home, which means you’ll also stick your face against different surfaces. Even though your sheets and pillows look clean, they might be harboring bacteria oblivious to the naked eye.

Eating healthy and applying topical creams can only do so much for your face. To prevent getting pimples and acne in the first place, you need to clean the things you often come in contact with, like your bed and gadgets.

Protect Yourself From UV

For people constantly on their way out, the sun is the number one enemy. Basking in the sun comes with many benefits: it gives you vitamin D, which improves your heart health and boosts your immunity. However, when it gets too hot, UV rays are on their way to harming your skin.

UV rays cause premature aging, and you might think that you’re safe as long as you’re indoors. But the glare from your gadgets and computer also emits this harmful light. While you prepare to start your indoor routines in the morning, it’s best to include applying sunscreen to ward off fine lines and wrinkles that come with early aging.


Create Different Routines

Staying faithful to your skincare routines is the best way to achieve lasting radiance. However, if you live in an area with varying climates, preparing other regimens for different skin issues is better, even if you mostly stay indoors. For instance, if you’ve had a pretty bad breakout, you can use the products you have that tackle acne and help fade scars and blemishes.

You can also get professional help by visiting a dermatologist for the perfectly tailored skincare routine or have a safe maxillofacial surgery if you feel like you need invasive cosmetic touch-ups when you’re battling facial imperfections. For the perfect skin, you need a combination of self-accomplished research and professional skills.

Rest and Sleep

Your body rests when you do, and with the skin being the largest organ in the body, it needs as much rest as your other systems. Albeit you’re at home, you also have plenty of tasks that line your day. During your regular day, you probably clean multiple times, sit by your desk for hours to accomplish stressful work, and spend time in your garden for some yard chores. Even when you’re at home, you don’t exactly have the most relaxing time as most people believe.

To make your skincare routines effective, you also ought to give them a little push by letting yourself have the sleep and relaxation you deserve since this is the time your body gets into repairs and fixes up damaged cells.

Improve Your Eating Habits

As said earlier, topical creams can only do so much; what can truly make a difference is what you eat. You can apply creams and serums enriched with vitamin C and E, collagen, and other minerals. But it’s better to take them directly to get a glow that comes from the inside.

Limiting your sugar and dairy intake and creating skin-healthy courses made from fruits and vegetables will help you stay healthy physically and deter skin problems. To complete it, you can also add exercise to the mix and create fitness routines that you can comfortably perform indoors.

It’s a long and exhausting road to get healthy skin. However, for homebodies, you can take pollution from the list and focus on other factors that you can tackle within the comfort of your home.

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