Allowing patients to gain straight teeth at home London

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For those people living with misaligned teeth maintaining high standards of oral health and hygiene can prove to be hard work, this can lead many of them to be exposed to a higher degree of risk that is posed by common dental issues and a level of discomfort in their mouths that they find unacceptable to live with.

Having crooked, protruding, or misaligned can make cleaning the teeth and gums difficult to navigate with a toothbrush, this means that gaining full access to a tooth when for cleaning may prove impossible and this can lead to the development of problems such as gum disease, plaque build-up, or tooth decay. Left untreated these types of problems can lead a patient to experience larger oral health issues that may require the use of invasive treatment, such as a filling or tooth extraction, to resolve.

By having their teeth straightened a patient can start to enjoy improvements within their oral health hygiene standards that they may have felt were not possible in the past before treatment, due to the fact their teeth will be easier to keep clean and navigate when brushing. This should then reduce the risks posed to their teeth from common dental problems, meaning fewer visits to the dental practice.

One of the barriers that prevent patients from receiving tooth alignment treatment is the need to make time to visit the dentist for appointments to receive and monitor their treatment, but there may be an alternative way for patients to receive the treatment or through Invisalign in London.

dentist having a client teeth check-up

In the comfort of the patient’s own home

The benefits of allowing a patient to receive a treatment that allows them to gain straight teeth at home are that they will feel in complete control of their treatment as well as be in an environment they are comfortable and familiar with. This can help to make a patient feel more at ease and positive about their tooth alignment treatment, as well as help to keep them focused on the end goal that they are trying to achieve.

The patient will have to attend an appointment for consultation purposes where their teeth and gums can be fully examined and any tooth alignment treatment options that are available to them can be fully outlined and discussed.

A popular option for at-home treatment is the Invisalign aligner as it can provide a discrete treatment option to the patient, as it becomes practically invisible when worn in place in the patient’s mouth. This treatment is a series of aligners that are made using two pieces of strong and clear plastic that are moulded together to meet the individual patient’s alignment needs, this also allows the aligner to hide in plain sight.

Each of the aligners in the series created for the patient’s treatment should be worn in the mouth for two weeks and removed by the patient as well as replaced by the next in the series.

Making a positive change

Patient’s should be encouraged to see receiving tooth alignment treatment as their way of making a positive change in their lives, it could be that straight teeth at home London could go some way to encouraging a positive thought process.

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