The Creams You Need for Your Skincare Routine

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Taking care of your takes commitment, time and science. The stresses of your daily life take a toll on your skin, and this results in various skin conditions and problems. To remedy the situation, most people turn to dermatologists who recommend multiple creams and ointments that should be applied properly and regularly to be effective.

Some treatment creams and ointments are prepared at a compounding pharmacy. A high-end laboratory with the best equipment will ensure perfectly mixed creams all the time.

Here are some of the essential cream products you should use for skincare.

Cleanser or Double Cleanser

Using a cleanser is one of the most vital parts of your nighttime skincare routine. This step removes all the grime, dirt and makeup residue on your face. It also washes away excessive oil that your face has accumulated throughout the day.

It is recommended to remove your makeup first with a makeup remover, but some prefer to wash their face with a cleanser right away instead. This leaves your face clean, fresh and ready to absorb the nutrients from your other skin regimen.

Eye Cream

Eye creams are recommended for people who are fond of staying up at night. Besides protecting the sensitive area around the eyes, these eye creams remove dark circles and moisturize undereye skin. Eye creams are applied after the toner and before the other skin regimen to give the skin time to absorb the ingredients.

Sleeping eye masks are also a thing because they add an extra layer of protection to the eye area. You will wake up with refreshed eyes minus the dark circles and puffy eyelids.

Serum and Treatment Cream

After cleansing and hydrating, the next cream most people use is treatment creams. These depend on individual skin needs, but majority are for acne removal, anti-aging, exfoliating treatments like peel pads and masks, and detoxifying. It is advised to focus on one treatment at a time to avoid irritating your skin. These creams offer a boost of nutrition, as well.

Hydrating Mask

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This is not only a must in skincare, but it is always advisable to use this when your skin is a little over the dry side. These products are generally mild and do not really have an adverse effect if used too much. They might just be the little boost of hydration your skin needs after a long tiring day.

Night Cream

Night creams are a must because they create a protective layer on the face that prevents it from becoming dehydrated. These creams have high water content for healing and rejuvenation. They are designed to be generally thicker than other creams and are absorbed by your face over several hours.

The night cream can be for anti-wrinkle, whitening, acne control or other skin issues. This should be the last step in any skincare routine because night creams are viscous and dense. It may be difficult for other products to penetrate the skin after this step.

Choose the creams that are right for your skin type and can address your skin problems. It is best to consult a dermatologist before buying any beauty products.

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