The Most Physically Demanding Jobs in America

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Work has evolved to become less physically stressful and more mentally challenging. A country’s development is related to its evolution from having a blue-collar economy to a predominantly white-collar workforce.

However, there are still jobs that require a lot of physical labor because of their very nature. Most workers in these industries suffer from chronic pain in different parts of the body. Thus, they might require a chiropractor in Chandler, AZ or elsewhere for pain management.

The following are five of the most physically demanding and backbreaking jobs in the United States.


One reason that firefighters command a high degree of respect is not just the help they provide when they are needed, but also the degree of training they undergo regularly. Firefighters are on the watch for whatever fire or emergency that can happen.

At the same time, they also have to maintain their gear and train in new firefighting technology. When there is a fire, they carry backbreaking safety equipment as they head towards danger. They are also expected to rescue people and bring them back to safety.

The high pressure going through the hose can throw a person back when he is not trained to handle it. As a job, firefighters also rank high as one of the most stressful jobs.

Oil Rig Workers

Oil rig workers, especially those assigned in offshore rigs, work long hours and are always at the ready for an emergency. Their work environment is dangerous enough, with a lot of moving parts and equipment in plain sight.

They also handle plenty of flammable and toxic materials, which are necessary for drilling oil. Wearing bright-colored clothing is second nature to them because of the danger they are exposed to, even if they are not on duty.


These are people who bring their ax, chainsaw, climbing gear, belts and helmets with them when they go to chop a tree. In most instances, they get into a truck and are dropped off a trail nearest where they are supposed to work for the day.

They use axes and chainsaws, which are larger than what is readily available at the hardware store. And they do this in all kinds of weather far from the nearest city.


There are open pit mines and deep mine; either way, miners break stone and earth and shovel them to a waiting transport. Those in deep mines work in hot temperatures and are always in danger of a collapse in a mineshaft. Physical labor in a low air quality environment is not easy, and veteran miners have all sorts of injuries and muscle pains.


blue sea offshore fishing boat with fisherman holding rod in action

Commercial fishermen live on boats for the most part of the year. They go on extended fishing trips. They set traps, or nets, and then haul these back and sort the fish. On a pitching deck, they cut the heads and clean the entrails of fishes before these are stored in ice.

When the nets are pulled up, the work is hectic and continuous, until the nets or cages are stacked and placed back onto the water for another round of catch. Fishermen work long shifts, catching fish at night and mending nets during the day.

There are other jobs that are also physically demanding, including those in the armed forces, telco companies and even astronauts. However, the above jobs are the ones that require physical effort even during downtime.

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