Things You Need to Know About Cancer

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Cancer is the result of uncontrolled growth and cell division through cell mutation. There are kinds of cancer cells that grow rapidly, while some cause cells to divide slowly. Cancer can come in various forms such as tumors which are visible growths or leukemia which is cancer of the blood with no visible growth.

Some types of cancer are preventable, while some can cause people’s lives. With this, different studies are being done for the prevention of cancer. Various ways to raise money for cancer research are also initiated by the government and public groups to raise awareness and save lives.

What Are the Causes of Cancer?

Some of the causes of cancer are smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition. Other causes that aren’t preventable are age and genetics. Genetics can cause cancer in a way that a person’s genetic codes command the cells to divide and expire. Another way to develop cancer is through heredity. This means that there is a history of cancer in the family.

Treatments for Cancers

doctor looking at xrayModern times have allowed new developments in cancer research. Some of these have proven to be effective. One of the most common cancer treatments is chemotherapy, which targets cancer cells. Medications are used for chemotherapy. The medications used to shrink the tumors. However, there is a side effect of this therapy.

Another treatment for cancer is hormone therapy wherein patients will take medications to stabilize hormones in the body. The third one is immunotherapy that aims to boost the immune system so that it can combat cancer cells. Precision medicine is also a kind of cancer treatment. This type of treatment tests which kind of medicine is best for a patient.

The next one is radiation therapy. This therapy involves radiation techniques to kill cancer cells or shrink the tumors. Stem cell treatment is the process of removing red or white blood cells that are no longer functioning due to chemotherapy or radiation. These cells will be improved by lab technicians and will be put inside the body once again.

When it comes to tumors and lymph nodes, it can be removed through surgery. The last one is the targeted therapies where different procedures are done to prevent cancer cells to multiply. These types of procedure also boost the immune system.

Types of Cancer

Common types of cancers are bladder, rectal and colon, endometrial, liver, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, pancreatic, leukemia, melanoma, and thyroid. There are other forms, but these are the most common ones. The National Cancer Institute reports that there are more than 100 types of cancer.

Raising Money for Cancer Research

Whether your goal is to fund research or pay for the treatment plan of a family member, there are ways to raise money for cancer. The most common is to sell T-shirts that have a cancer logo design. People are interested to help out in any way they can. When they learn that you need funds for a cause, they will help out. Another is to organize a dinner event or host a bingo night. You can advertise your event to social media friends to look for sponsors and guests of the cancer fund event.

Cancer is a crippling disease that is known to cause havoc in many people’s lives. Awareness should be implemented so that the public take the initiative to stay away from what’s causing it as best as they can. Lastly, a healthy diet and a reformed lifestyle can help anyone to prevent cancer for as long as possible.

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