Watch Out for These Toddler Developmental Milestones

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Your child’s first three years are a wonderful and exciting time that is full of swift changes. You will witness your child’s social, fine and gross motor, and language skills developing, marking various milestones in their life.

But it’s vital to note that every kid is different and that milestones are merely guidelines. This is something that you need to keep in mind before you panic thinking that your toddler is behind and go to your local family clinic in Salem to get your child evaluated.

But while every child develops in different ways, below are some crucial milestones to watch out for.

12 Months: Doodling and Crawling

Your toddler is most likely crawling everywhere and walking with some assistance. They’re also able to sit up and down unassisted and can bang blocks or other toys together.

With regards to fine motor skills, majority of toddlers at this age can also doodle with crayons. A vital social milestone includes using their finger to point at something they want.

15 Months: Walking Unassisted

At this age, most toddlers can walk alone, roll a ball, and play interactive games such as patty cake. Other milestones may include pulling and pushing toys around, squatting and sitting down without help.

Your child may also be capable of waving hello and goodbye, stacking a couple of blocks and turning pages of books. At 15 months, some toddlers can bend over and retrieve toys without toppling over.

18 Months: Running

Toddlers running on the fieldIn general, most children can run around the house at 18 months, but they can still fall most of the time as they begin to get used to running. Most toddlers can also walk up and down the stairs while holding on to the railing. As for social milestones, your child might be starting to copy what other people say.

24 Months: Potty Training and Kicking

At around age two, most toddlers can balance themselves more properly and can kick a ball around. Your toddler may now start trying to take off and put on their own clothing and open doorknobs and locks. Your child may also be ready for potty training.

30 Months: Jumping

Most toddlers at this age can jump. Your toddler can now say “no” regularly and throw temper tantrums. They might also be more ready for potty training (but expect accidents), curious about riding a tricycle and trying to dress themselves up without help. Fine motor skills at this stage usually include copying vertical lines.

36 Months: Coordination

Most toddlers can now throw and catch a ball and draw circles and other shapes. At age three, your toddler may have all their primary teeth and better balance. You’ll be glad to know that your toddler can understand simple instructions and help with basic house chores.

Development milestones are a vital measurement of your toddler’s mental and physical development. What you want to see above all is consistent progress and not outright mastery. If you have any concerns regarding the development of your toddler, do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician.

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