5 Fast and Easy Ways to Relax in the Midst of a Busy Day

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It’s the end of your workday. You get into your car and before you even put the keys in the ignition, you suddenly feel all the weight of the day’s stress sink into your lower back, down to your legs and feet. It’s at these moments when you start thinking about heading to a place where you can get a good therapeutic massage in Salt Lake City, or maybe be bold enough and go on a five-day vacation altogether. Then you remember that your busy schedule just won’t permit it.

In today’s fast-paced life, finding time to recharge your mind and body can be a challenge. The convenience of technology has allowed the workplace to be virtually anywhere. Which makes it difficult for the busy business person to take time out for a breather. If that’s the life you currently have, these five quick activities will help you recharge and relax your mind and body anytime, anywhere.

1. Deep Breaths

It’s a known fact that taking deep breaths can help relax a person. You can even do it as you count from one to 10. If you suddenly feel tired from staring at your computer screen, just push your chair back from your table, close your eyes, and breathe. There’s nothing to learn and nothing to spend. All you have to do is focus on breathing and feel your body calm down.

2. Meditation

Meditation means resting the mind to reach a different state of consciousness. It helps a person become more aware of themselves as they shut out everything else that happens around them. If you can do this for three to five minutes in a day, you’ll find it easier to stay calm and relaxed even on a hectic day.

3. Yoga Stretches

Woman doing yoga stretchStretching your neck, arms, and back is a good way to loosen up tense muscles. When you’re too focused on reaching a deadline or closing a deal, you won’t notice how long your body’s been stiff and tense until you get home. Doing yoga stretches on your coffee break will give you more benefits than just wake you up. You’ll feel lighter and have a clearer head to do more quality work.

4. Short Walks

This activity can be done on your afternoon break. Instead of getting a sweet snack, get your body out in the open and take a short walk around the block. Don’t rush and don’t forget to cherish each breath with each step. Then you can head back up to your office in a calmer, more peaceful state of mind.

5. Having a Cup of Tea

Tea is lighter than coffee. Though it also contains caffeine, it doesn’t wake you up or get your heart pumping as much as coffee does. It gives you just enough energy to go through your day, as it continues to calm your nerves. You can drink chamomile or green tea as these are known to help relieve stress.

These five activities can be done almost anywhere and they won’t even take you 30 minutes to do. Try one of each at a time whenever you feel that things are starting to stress you out. Each trial will turn into a habit and the more you do it regularly, the more you’ll find the perfect balance between a busy work day and the relaxed life you deserve.

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