Strength Training is Great, But That Alone Won’t Get Rid of Belly Fat

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Today, finding information about weight management and achieving a healthy physique has become a lot more accessible over the past two decades, and people are more than equipped to reach their goals with a bit of research and time invested. In fact, even alternative methods that offer direct solutions for stubborn belly fat have become more advanced, like truSculpt iD non-surgical fat reduction and even more effective dieting strategies like intermittent fasting.

However, despite the massive amounts of progress made in raising awareness and spreading objective information about fat loss, a large portion of the gym culture still holds onto the belief that resistance training and lifting weights alone are more than enough to burn through their love handles.

But in reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, and if you’re among the people who’ve realized this mistake, it’s the perfect learning opportunity to learn why it happens and what lifestyle changes you can make instead.

Putting On A Lot Of Muscle Isn’t Always Synonymous With Burning Fat.

Weightlifting does have its benefits, and nothing builds muscle mass and improves your frame better than resistance training, but to treat it as an equal for burning fat is a big misunderstanding because it isn’t the most efficient in burning calories per hour. There’s no denying that you will look better and feel stronger, but the more holistic and practical approach should always (1) incorporate cardiovascular endurance training and (2) include an overall healthy diet.

  • You Should Incorporate Cardiovascular Endurance

    Although most people don’t typically enjoy running on a treadmill or challenging their endurance on the StairMaster, you must incorporate cardiovascular endurance training into your workout regimen because it burns more calories and elevates your metabolism. Furthermore, a bit of cardio also covers a lot of health benefits in the form of reducing the risk of heart disease, maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, and reaching a balanced body composition.

  • You Should Assess Your Regular Diet

    Besides cardio, you should also assess your current diet and see if you’re overstepping your boundaries in terms of daily caloric requirements or meeting some deficiencies as per your macronutrient needs. Food isn’t just the fuel to your body, but the source of everything needed to build muscle and recuperate energy, and getting too much or not enough is always a problem. Plus, snacking on a delicious Philly cheesesteak may taste great, but doing it every single day has its downsides.

Often, It’s Poor Lifestyle Choices That Lead To Belly Fat

If you check both boxes above and still struggle with belly fat, a common denominator that most people share is poor lifestyle choices that expose them to the risk of weight gain, obesity, and bad eating habits. As a result, regardless of the effort and time you put into improving your overall health and achieving a fit physique, the dangers of (1) constant exposure to stressful environments, (2) not getting enough sleep, (3) drinking too much alcohol, and (4) the habit of heavy smoking will hold you back.

  1. Exposing Yourself To Too Much Stress

    Although some levels of stress are natural and expected in life, constantly placing yourself in a stressful environment is not a sustainable way to live, nor does it help with your well-being. In consequence, people who are stressed out are more prone to searching for comfort food and indulging in guilty pleasures that are counterproductive to their weight loss journey.

  2. Not Getting Enough Sleep Every Night

    Man wearing blue-striped pajamas clutching his head while his eyes are red

    Everybody burns the midnight oil now and then, but if you always face the next day with fewer hours of sleep consecutively, these poor sleeping habits will come back to haunt you in the form of negative changes in your metabolism and hormonal imbalances. Sure, there will be times when the benefits of staying up late far outweigh the cons because you’re crunching a deadline, but this shouldn’t be a daily occurrence.

  3. High Levels Of Alcohol Consumption

    Alcoholic drinks and beverages are no strangers to a good time, but high levels of alcohol consumption on a regular basis will work against your goals of burning belly fat. These drinks are pretty empty in terms of macronutrients and will only add extra calories to your counter. What’s worse, anyone who’s drunk is more prone to make bad food choices over the course of a night and plays with your cravings.

  4. Heavy Smoking And Risk Of Obesity

    Last but not least is heavy smoking, and while films love to romanticize the act of smoking with jaded and deep characters, studies have shown a strong correlation with obesity risk. You see, all that nicotine plays with your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and causes an assortment of health concerns. And when you decide to quit, the withdrawal will be hard to deal with during the early stages.

Your Well-Being Isn’t Solely Dependent On Lifting Weights

In conclusion, lifting weights alone is never enough for burning belly fat, and apart from a complete workout regimen, evaluating your lifestyle choices is equally as important. At the end of the day, improving one’s well-being is a lifelong journey, so building sustainable and healthy habits is the key to success.

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