How to perfect that smile under the radar with Invisalign Clapham.

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What is it?

When considering tooth realignment options patients rarely think of the advances within dentistry but focus on what they remember from the past, chunky, metal braces that are so noticeable that it is better to keep the crooked smile. Luckily, the dental team are experts in this field and have the updated knowledge to inspire and assist patients of all ages.

Clear, inconspicuous, removable retainers which are custom made to fit the patient’s own teeth may sound unbelievable but it is very much a reality for those with mild to moderate misalignment issues.

Why choose this treatment option?

This particular orthodontic treatment generally speaks for itself by the description alone but there is so much more which works in the patient’s favour.

To begin with, the treatment is very much in the patient’s control. By this we mean that to remove the retainer there are no special appointments to be booked and worked around, there are no screws that need to be tightened or loosened, the retainers can simply be removed by the patient at home without any tools. Each custom made retainer slips easily onto the teeth and should only be removed during times of food consumption and when carrying out the regular oral hygiene process. Therefore the retainers are to be worn for around 22 hours a day and are so inconspicuous that they can be worn to the Summer ball without anyone noticing you are undergoing treatment.

crooked teeth

Why might I not be eligible for this treatment?

These particular retainers work best on mild to moderate cases of tooth misalignment and therefore if the patient’s teeth are considered to be more severe this treatment will not be effective enough to begin with. This does not mean that the treatment is off limits though. In some cases, the more traditional brace method is needed to pull the teeth into an aligned position first and then once a significant difference has been made it is possible to consider switching treatments. This will always need to be discussed with your dental team in detail as they will have a clear understanding of your own personal dental situation and be able to advise accordingly but it is important to have this discussion if you wish to take on the retainer treatment further down the line.

What happens once the treatment ends?

Once the desired results have been gained a new, final, custom made retainer will be provided to the patient which is to be worn ongoing. This retainer ensures that all the hard work previously carried out is not in vain and keeps the teeth in their new aligned position. By having this final retainer in place it reduces the chances of misalignment creeping back in and reduces the need for future realignment treatments.

Please note, as with all treatments and procedures there are potential risks which need to be considered. It is therefore advised that all patients seek further information and advice from their local dental practice on any mentioned within this article.

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